Acoustic Or Anti-Noise Window

Noise = Increased Stress And Disease

Most large urban centers produce the most diverse noises that negatively interfere with people’s performance, whether in their studies or at work, causing an increase in stress.

This stress, over time, causes fatigue and irritation, which can result in several diseases. Examples include increased blood pressure and problems with the stomach and intestines.

Therefore , it is important to identify where the noise is coming in. Studies show that most of the time, windows and doors are responsible.

First, it is important to know the difference between Sound, Noise, Voices and Vibrations:

  • Sounds: they are harmonic and very pleasing to our senses.
  • Noises: they are summation of frequencies without relation between them, causing annoyance.
  • Voices: they are junctions between sound and noise combined and decoded.
  • Vibration: it is what trembles, or moves, no matter the meaning, but its consequences. In acoustics everything is vibration.

Acoustic Or Anti-Noise Windows

The common windows normally have single glass , crystal type, whose thickness ranges from 4 mm to 8 mm. Besides the thin windows , these windows have cracks that let outside noises pass.

In the case of acoustic windows, they can use glass up to 10 mm thick, which are ideal for blocking external sounds, such as those caused by airports, heavy traffic, trains, horns, brakes, bars, barking, etc., up to 30dB (THE).

Depending on the noise, several solutions may be presented by companies working with this type of window, such as:

  • Three-pane acoustical windows with 01 colorless glass of 4 mm and 01 colorless laminated glass of 6 mm, interspersed by a dehydrated air chamber of 6 mm.
  • Or it could be used a double glazing which has an average of 20 mm, consisting of glass slides with 4 mm and 6 mm;10 mm from the air chamber between them (see illustration below).

Even though they do not block 100% noise, they provide a psychological sensation between 60% and 80% of them, increasing the comfort and the quality of the environments.

Illustration of the double glass closing system – Source: Scheid Esquadrias

Examples of double, triple and quadruple glass. Images: Acustic Center

Double glass – Suitable for thermo-acoustic insulation. Triple Glass – Recommended for thermo-acoustic insulation and low intensity noises. Quadruple Glass – Indicated for isolation of high intensity noises.Compact Glass – Recommended for low frequencies and against impact. Images: Acustic Art

Where To Use Them

This type of window can be used in homes, apartments, companies, industries, clinics, laboratories, schools, call centers, recording studios, schools, among others.

In case of installation in buildings , according to technical studies, acoustic windows are best suited for apartments located between the third and seventh floors, because the first and second floors are not as affected by noises, as well as from the eighth floor The noise dissipates, and the acoustic comfort increases.

Advantages Of Acoustic Windows

Besides the main advantage that consists of thermal and acoustic insulation, it provides greater security, enhances the property, is a durable window, easy to clean and maintain, very functional and that provides environmental comfort, increasing the quality of life.

Materials Used And Method Of Placement

They can be found in PVC or aluminum.

The acoustic window can be installed in two ways:

  • Built-in: itis used in new constructions or when you want to replace an existing conventional window.
  • Overlapping:is ideal when a conventional window already exists and you want to keep it. It is installed on the inner side of the room, being fixed to the wall around the conventional window, with bushings and screws. In this way, the façade is preserved (which is perfect for buildings that have this standard) and avoids masonry cracking and subsequent dirt. As it is superimposed, it can be removed and reused in a new place, as in case of moving property.

Depending on the need, double, triple, quadruple (with dehydrated air chamber) and airport glass (five layers) can be placed. The window can also be equipped with shutters, shutters, mosquito screens and blackout.

Example: ISOLAR superimposed acoustic window.

Acoustic Windows Models

There are several models on the market, the need will determine the ideal window to solve the existing problem. Here are some examples:

Models of acoustic window of running and opening of ISOLAR.

Colors and Measurements

The colors most used in acoustic windows are achieved through electrostatic painting: black, white or bronze matt.

But if the customer wants or needs another color, it can be made through anodizing.

As for size , they are tailor made according to the need of each.


This type of window does not have a very low cost. Prices are calculated per square meter and will vary by size.

Depending on the thickness of the glass and footage, the price can vary from R $ 1800,00 to R $ 2,500.00 in average (reference: May 2015).

Maintenance Of The Acoustic Window

When installed properly by a reputable company, the acoustic windows can have a very long service life.But for this, some care should be taken to avoid problems. Such as:

  • For dust removal, use only flannel or dry cloth;
  • For other residues, use a cloth with mild soap and water, then dry.
  • Use Varsol solvent to remove paint, grease and grease.
  • To not scratch the paint, never use any type of action straw for cleaning.
  • For added protection, apply wax periodically.
  • Avoid contact with cement, lime or acid products that could stain it.
  • To facilitate the sliding of the windows, periodically use liquid petroleum jelly to clean and lubricate the guides, avoiding that they are forced.
  • Do not remove any rubbers or sealing compounds in order to prevent infiltration.
  • For a perfect flow of water, clean the drains in the frames.

Acoustic Window Works!

Are you curious and want to know more? In this video we test the operation of an acoustic window. Check it:

In this video we present the test of an acoustic window. Liked? Have doubts? Do you also have an acoustic window? Leave your comment on the video. Source: Click Architecture – Youtube

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