Achadões: Crochet Bags

I know, I’m a little late. Food pro Thought entered so in madruga who was practically Monday already. And now comes the Achadões, practically on Tuesday. The only explanation I can find is that I must still be in SanFran spindle (there is still 9:30 of the night-here, 00:30 in the morning).

But let’s get to it, huh?

Already have a little time I started seeing popping up in my timeline–and in those corners all internéticos that I usually attend–beautiful, colorful and happy handbags made of crochet via At first thought it was cool. On Monday, I found more cool. In the third, I thought they deserved a just achadões them. And here we are. So we go to them.

  1. Clutches Katherine Mine

The Katherine Mine is one of those brands that you can’t fall in love. In addition to beautiful creations and entirely handmade, the brand pioneered by adopting a policy of absolute sincerity on their prices. In the virtual store of Catarina Mine, each product comes with a detailed breakdown of the cost of production of the play. From raw material to the artisan workmanship, through taxes, transportation. Everything even.

The entrepreneur behind the brand told in an interview to Exame Magazine that the idea emerged as a way of trying to compete with the prices of Chinese products. An appeal to the conscience of the consumer, an invitation for him to think in the production chain and the impact it has on the community. Well worth reading the entire interviewhere.

But, more than that, it’s worth entering the shop and stroll through beautiful products, all developed by hand in Ceará.

I loved this clutch with bicolor, available in various colors (my favorites are these two up there). For R$295, each, here on the website of Catherine Mine.

  1. Fruit Bags Jô De Paula

The Raman das knows everything about crochet. Your brand, also originating in Ceará, is colorful and super good mood. I loved all the fruit-themed clutches! The Apple Pie, goes for R$190,80. The watermelon or cashews, by R$201,60. And the pineapple, for R$210,60.

But the most beautiful is entering the Urges of the brand and see their active participation in the initiative #WhoMadeMyClothes Fashion Revolution (remember that we said them here?). Well, at the Urging of Jô de Paula, you will see a series of talented artisans, proud and smiling showing that, Yes, they did to your purse. Transparency and supply chain happy.


Also from Jô de Paula. I don’t have what to say, just feel. Beautiful and very stylish. By R$139,20 here.

  1. Gradient From Asos

Presence gringa today here in our Achadões. I loved this thing super delicate gradient of pink cream that template from Asos, especially because they are not colors that we don’t see every day in this boho style. By 29.12 bucks here.


Last, but no less beautiful. Our other presence gringa today is that bag round of Free People. Loooooved the color goes with everything and loved the detail of the tassels on the handle. Wildcard for 38 Super obamas here.

The coolest thing is that the crochet adapts very well to winter and summer looks. IE: investment for you to use the whole year!

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