A White Pole Shirt

For a while here, I have used white on Friday. Maybe it’s nostalgia of Bahia, maybe it’s the desire to attract good energy (and shield the ruins), or maybe it’s just the summer right around the corner and the white. But, today, I think that the sixth White has a special meaning: tomorrow is a very special day. The wedding party, bride-dress, champagne and everything else is just in February, but tomorrow is the day to sign the paperwork.

Yes, folks, tomorrow turn a girl committed by law. Oh how beautiful.

So, I think the white boy of today is almost a mental preparation for this time tomorrow. That’s why he’s so special. Here at Gradinmath you can get more different models and styles.

So let’s do it.

White skirt and white pólinho.

The skirt, you already so bald of knowing, right? So, let’s go to the pole. I confess that I don’t wear much (I’ve used more, there at the beginning of the blog), but I love the idea of a legal pole. It’s comfortable, has this kind of sporty, but transmits an elegance so casual that makes me sigh.

The truth is that a lot of people twist the nose for poor simply because polinhos use them in a way that escape the cliche is not so easy. Think there, the first thing that comes to mind when you think of Polo shirts. Girls playing tennis? Or American moms with UM, knickers khaki going to pick up the kids at school?

I personally, I’ve always had a thing for estilinho. I think the most chic in the world. But the truth is that the pole can go far beyond the obvious.

I’m particularly fond of this campaign that Lacoste did, that shows the famous shirt in two beautiful overlaps with looks that are pure glamour.

My look is far more modest.And I’m not suggesting anyone go to prom with polo shirt over my dress. But nothing prevents us to start thinking a little differently about this classic piece.

This was my attempt today. Be able to put together a look with my white polinho (gift from my parents for Christmas last year – both are super Lacoste supporters). She is nice because I have a bossinha: more buttons (which allow a higher neckline and less lame) and a cute detail in yellow.

My proposal was to use the pole of a super feminine way: with evasé skirt and waist super marked.

Finally, the big boys earrings and white jump out the cherries from the cake to give even more charm and femininity.

And so, quite light, us ends this week. Tomorrow is Saturday and has post full of love (and full of white again).

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