A Touch of Gold at Home

After a few months living here, finally we managed to solve the basicão here at home. Bed, sofa, rack, table, chairs. These things we can’t live without.

That said, now get the coolest part: decorate. Choose the little things, the frilly, the beautiful people. All the charm and character that will put in that little place that we call home.

So lately, I’ve been searching a lot of references. Step vááárias hooooras on Pinterest and, I confess, sometimes even a bit confusing with so much beautiful that we find around. But behold, in the midst of so much information, there’s one that almost always makes me click that little button “pin it”.

This is a simple touch of gold amid the environments in shades of white and pastel. I’ve always liked decor in pastel shades, but there is always the risk of the whole thing gets too too sweet. The gold comes just to break a little sweetness and bring a touch of maturity and modernity to the environment.

The coolest? Here at NecessaryHome, you can use in many environments as the imagination allows. Want to see?

In The Office

Let’s start with him which is easier. It doesn’t matter if the table is white, or glass, or wood. Just choose the accessories that go on top. Frames, moleskines, light fixtures and even the wallpaper behind her can serve as elements to play with the pastel colors + white + gold. To keep the atmosphere light, press the white and use the gold+pastel to give an extra charm.

In The Living Room:

A lovely way to give life to that neutral sofa, or that glass tables. Pillows, picture frames, vases, objects. Here are the details that will make all the difference. I’m crazy for mixing pads. A pastel and a golden, different prints. I think that’s what going to happen pro gray sofa here at home.

Dining Room:

Oh, so much beautiful to play here! Cutlery, plates, bowls, vases, napkins. Nothing like a little gold to bring a bit of glamor to the dinner table for special occasions (i.e. every day), right?


One of my favorite places to use creativity at home (you remember that I had a whole wall paintings there in place of Brazil?).

But wrong who think frames are the only adornments to beautiful and different walls. Can you do a all, guys! Wall stickers, decorative plates, porcelain animals, shelves with knickknacks of every kind. With so many choices, the harder it is to make everything harmonious. And this is where the choice of colors makes such a difference. For a variety to be the elements that you choose for your wall, stay tuned to the harmony of color (in the case of post today white+gold+pastel) and can relax you will be beautiful.


Find legal fixtures is getting increasingly easy and inexpensive. More different options, accessible and Golden as popping up out there. Oh!Candles full of personality also counts!

With Flowers

To finish with sweetness. What could be more emblematic of our pastel theme + gold but a flowerpot? Oh! If you like little guy “do it yourself”, you can still make a move again with old glass bottles and spray gold paint.

You inspire? I’m not that stand trying to put put a golden thing Dja here at home!

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