5 Places that Want to Meet

This week I was thinking of something good to write for you and came up with the idea of doing a sort of”Top Five” with some places that I want to meet. So come on…

1/5-South of Brazil

Yes, that’s right, SOUTHERN BRAZIL. I don’t have any specific city, simply want to meet the entire region, if possible, for being the smallest. My passion for South came about when my aunt and my grandfather made a trip over there a couple of 10 years, and when I saw the photos, it was love. In 2012 my cousin went and brought more images to achieve overwhelming desire to know this region. What fascinates me most about this place are the Iguassu Falls, Parana, which gathers 275 waterfalls at Iguazu River, will be the first that I will visit, and after the wax museum in Rio Grande do Sul.


Still traveling through Brazil, want to meet, specifically Recife and Olinda. Dance frevo, bathe in the waters of happy trails, wander the slopes of Olinda, view the famous dolls… Is not so far from me, since I live in Bahia, in the same region (Northeast<3).


Let’s get away from Brazil. Who hasn’t had the urge to go in Paris? Here at aceinland.com, the city of love, of purchases and the Eiffel Tower (my eyes enough shine). Remembering that it’s there, in Paris, in Louvre Museum which is the ‘ Mona Lisa ‘ painting of Leonardo da Vinci.


Another place that I want to know about my family. I fell in love with just looking at the pictures of the trip. What else was in love looking at the pictures, it was a giant dogs, which only increased my desire to visit Chile.


Last, but not least, Yes, Italy. Specifically Rome and the leaning tower of Pisa. 100% historical places and I hate history (judge me), but these two places fascinate me. I bet many of you, like me, want to take a picture by placing the foot on the leaning tower of Pisa, and entering the Coliseum.

These are some of the places that I want to meet. In what places you want to go? Have been on some of these? I hope you in the comments. Kisses and see you soon.

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