10 Creative Ideas for Making Toys with Cans

I already did with ideal creative post using cardboard box, popsicle stick, clothes-peg, contact paper, and more. I was thinking about the kind of material which had not yet explored to make the text today and realized that I never talked about another item that we always have at home and that can yield several interesting activities:empty cans. So my tip today are 10 creative ideas for making toys with cans.

  1. sensory Toys for children from 2 years

I’m going to start soon with more with four tips on how to make a sensory toy for children from 2 years (now should work from some 18 months). I found this post of wonderful because it’s super quiet and small love. Worth going there in the original post to see how to make each one of them.

  1. battery in the garden

I don’t know I’m influenced by the Sound, Park made of scrap metal, in a public school of São Paulo (SKY Village Curuça), but I know that if I had a House with a garden would surely do a battery like this suggested by wholevehicles. Maybe at my mom’s House for the holidays of end of the year, who knows? I think kids will love.

  1. Tin Xylophone

Speaking of music, I also found a free suggestion of busybeekidscraft.com to make a xylophone with the cans of different sizes that we have at home. You agree? All the noise in the House is going to be great, but it’s part, right?

  1. Drum with bladder

Now, of all the musical instruments made of Tin, what I liked most was this drum. I guess you can’t see in the photo, but they use a balloon to do the part where you have to hit. The sound is quite different to knock the can simply. I was eager to try.

  1. Robot pencil

Leaving the musical instruments aside, how about turning the can on a toy to use? The suggested this robot that works like pencil holder that I have found a free!

  1. Robots to play

If you prefer, you also turn the cans in a robot that turns the characters into jokes. You can even make a tin man if the story of the wizard of Oz makes success there in your home. The secret to the parties stay together are ímas.

  1. Painting with Tin

I need to mention that I found d-e-m-a-i-s this way to use cans to make art. I love the idea of painting with brush and the paint can in effect is beautiful. It’s a great activity for young children. If you want to see more details, take a look at this post.

  1. Tip the can

Here’s an idea to make soft soft. Just put the cans and decorate as you wish for after playing down, just like in this post from thecraftycrow.net

  1. Hit the can

A game that must be really fun is that to hit the can in the photo that appeared in this post from listotic.com. Is a variation of the bucket that I did with Carol and your friend Mila. At least in the case of the bucket they loved it!

  1. Feet of Tin

I couldn’t finish the post not to mention the incredible feet. I don’t know any kid that I don’t like. Here’s a video tutorial that is our Youtube Channel so you remember how does and can repeat at home.

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