So PureView Nokia Lumia 830

This morning I have tabled to the Nokia Lumia 830, more or less we found something we had expected, confirming that the camera would be signed by the prestigious brand PureView, that distinguishes the best cameras within the Nokia family of phones.

In the presentation, we learned that he had 10 megapixel This new module, which was accompanied by a LED flash, but little else. Fortunately appear new details on it, which help us to understand what aim at Microsoft Mobile and Nokia to put the distinctive PureView.

PureView Phase V

Of turns that are giving the PureView concept, which has little to do with the original of the 808 (phase I), continued in the 1020 (phase III), in which technology used a sensor many megapixels and play with the scaling of images.

From the 920 Lumia (phase II) was opted for the image stabilization and improvements in the opening of lenses (forgetting the megapixel). Somehow, we can say that the early stages were found recently in the 1520 Lumia (phase IV) and also at 930.

In this fifth stage used in the 830 Lumia, we could say that we we have the miniaturization of the previous phase, with a module of 10 megapixels, stabilization in optics, and very small size. In fact, one of the things of its creators boast them is thick got altogether (without humps or bumps).

Come up with some more appeared data upon submission. For example, the size of the sensor, which is of 1/3.4 inch, considerably smaller than their siblings PureView. In the image you can get an idea of the differences.

The sensor continues to maintain a good size, with a working format 16:9 – as the S5 Galaxy-, and backlight. The maximum sensitivity with which it is able to work is 3200 ISO.

Not everything is a sensor, so it is interesting that we stop to know that the lens is made by six elements and comes signed by Zeiss. The maximum aperture is f/2.2, and the focal length is 26 mm, with a minimum distance of 10 cm approach. In auto focus is controlled by a trigger in two steps.

The Lumia 830 DNG format

“We want to get people the optical stabilization, new technologies of processing and applications, with spectacular results. For this reason we have included PureView experience in the 830 “, Juha Alakarhu

From the point of view software should be noted that with the arrival of the Denim of Windows Phone 8.1 update, photos can be captured in DNG format the 830 Lumia, according to tells Juha Alakarhu on Nokia Conversations.

The main innovation of the new PureView seems to be in got the price and size -So what sell us from Microsoft Mobile-, i.e., got on a phone from 330 euros, 8.5 mm thick.

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