Portable Microsoft Power, Nokia Accessories Already The Microsoft Signature

Microsoft Portable Power an auxiliary battery, is so far nothing new. The first thing that calls our attention is its size, with a capacity of 6. 000mAh, the biggest thing that Nokia had offered so far.

Yes, we are talking about Nokia, since on his blog we have presented it – Nokia Conversations – and its appearance can not marry better with the accessory line had been created for the family of Lumia devices.

The second thing is obvious, the logo of Nokia is not nowhere, as you can see in the images, it is the of Microsoft, to dry, which gives name to the device. We continue to see changes in designations, as us ahead, but at the end we see them in real products. What do you think about change?

The capacity of the Microsoft Portable Power You can load more than once our smartphone. According to us, the battery is filled to 80% with three hours of charging, and reaches 100% with four hours of charging.

We talk about Nokia and Microsoft, but it is obvious that the accessory works with any device with USB connector. The overall dimensions are 43, 9 x 99, 5 x 25, 4 mm, with a weight of 145 grams. The USB-MicroUSB cable length is 25 cm.

The price you are going to sell is of 39 euros, before taxes, from the month of October. As colorful, as you have white, green and orange.

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