Nokia Lumia 730, 735 Lumia and Lumia 830: Thus Are The New Lumia under The Baton of Microsoft

Microsoft has unveiled at IFA 2014 the new Lumia 830, 735 Lumia and Lumia 730. It’s the new batch of mobile devices from Microsoft that show a continuous line on the released by Nokia in the past but which provide notable improvements in several sections.

Not just in design, with more refined lines, but also improvements to the operating system: Windows Phone 8.1 GDR1 will be called Lumia Denim and it will integrate improvements to Cortana and, above all, the photographic experience, which highlights both the 830 by its rear camera the 730 and 735 by its front-facing camera.

Microsoft Lumia 830

The 830 Lumia were the first part of Microsoft, and with them the company has declared that he wants specifically compete with Samsung and Apple and those who will try to offer a particularly competitive price. In fact to the 830 Lumia qualifies them as the “terminal affordable franchise”.

The 830 Lumia have a 5 inch display with 720 p resolution, Windows Phone 8.1 update Lumia Denim, 2200 mAh battery, 16 GB of storage capacity and slot MicroSD.

One of the highlights of the 830 resides on your camera, that Microsoft has paid particular attention thanks to the work of the development unit of hardware and software that Redmond acquired by Nokia.

Microsoft have integrated a 10 Mpixel PureView technology sensor on this phone, but have also done integrating thin optical stabilization module to date. The phone features of a 8.5 mm thick, 150 grams of weight and a processor quad – core 1.2 GHz Qualcomm Snapdragon 400.

Dynamic Flash technology for Add lighting flash with manual control in the photo once the image later. This setting also allows to manage exposure or color adjustment after taking photo directly from your phone.

Sharing content from the phone you can now benefit from a new accessory called “Microsoft Screen Sharing for Lumia Phones HD – 10”, which for example connects to the TV and that through an NFC tag It allows the display via Miracast mirroring. It is an interesting way to share content on a larger screen, and demonstrates the vocation of Microsoft to follow

Nokia also offers a New Wireless charging accessory making use of NFC technology and that it has a system of outdoor lighting that allows you to identify how it will load. But not only that: this lighting enables notifications: If we have a phone nearby, and is little loaded, NFC connectivity will detect that our smartphone needs to be loaded. Also can customize notifications and notices through the configuration of the flicker of light which gives access to a curious auxiliary Visual Notification System. This accessory will be available in green, Orange and white.

Microsoft Lumia 830 will be available this month on a global basis and will do so to a price of 330 euros before taxes. Microsoft comparing that price with the prices without VAT of the last Galaxy S5 (440 euros) or iPhone 5S (515 euros), but the final price will be greater, and rumor has it – there is no official confirmation – that will be at 399 euros.

Microsoft Lumia 730 and 735

Microsoft has also presented not one but two devices specifically aimed at improving the photographic experience with the front camera. They are the new Lumia 730 and 735 Lumia, sharing the majority of specifications but which differ in the support of mobile networks and in another interesting option, the Wireless charging. .

Thus, the Lumia 730 supports 3G networks and offers Dual SIM slot, While the Lumia 735 is the version with a single SIM slot but with support LTE. Lumia 735 also has support for Wireless charging.

Both are equipped with 4.7 inch screen and 720 p resolution, Windows Phone 8.1 update Lumia Denim, rear camera 6.7 Mpixelesf/1.9 with LED flash, processor Qualcomm Snapdragon 400, 1 GB of RAM and 8 GB of storage, although that Yes, we will have MicroSD slot.

These features are interesting, but Microsoft have wanted to highlight the experience of the front-facing camera, which features with a 5 Mpixel sensor and a wide-angle lens According to Microsoft officials, it is superior to any other offer in the market.

This sensor takes advantage of improvements in the software, and in fact Microsoft has announced the new application Lumia Selfie, It is specifically aimed at this type of photos. Among other things it allows to improve the speed of access to this type of screenshots, various options for the further editing as filters before sharing those photos.

The front-facing camera also allows improving the experience on Skype, and indeed all new smartphones Microsoft integrated three-month Skype Unlimited subscription all over the world. The 730 Lumia will be priced from 199 euros, While the Lumia will be sold to 219 euros (in both cases without taxes, so that the final prices will be higher) and will reach the market this month globally.

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