Nokia Aims to 2016 for Its Return to The Sector of Smartphones

A few days ago Nokia It had excellent financial results, and the company, which now continues on its way after having sold its mobile division to Microsoft, raises new challenges for the future. Among them, that of their return to the sector of mobile phones, an idea that the CEO of the company, Timo Ihamuotila, did not rule out speaking of the value of its brand in this presentation results.

When Microsoft bought the division agreed that this company licenciaría the name of Nokia to be used both smartphones and feature phones during clear: no other manufacturer could use that brand for 30 months from the time of the agreement, and Nokia could not return to use either your own brand up to last December 31, 2015. And it is precisely what seems to make the company: wait right at that moment.

The company, now led by Satya Nadella already is trying to use its own nomenclature its new mobile – id preparing you for the next Microsoft Lumia – but it seems that Nokia they won’t take advantage of the opportunity to return to this competitive market if they are able to offer products with guarantees.

The interest of Nokia mobile devices It remains clear, as evidenced by the fact that HERE Maps now available on Android after for years being an exclusive Windows Phone service.

We will still have to wait long, but some analysts point to an interesting possibility: that the Jolla team -whose phone has not given much to talk about in recent times – back to its origins and a back to this hypothetical Nokia in its return to the market of smartphones.

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