Microsoft Teaches Us How Is Your Signature on The Phones Lumia, The First Product Will Soon

Expected, as a few days ago, the American company has decided that already you will not use more the “Nokia Lumia” to their phones, and we will have to get used to Microsoft Lumia.

The idea of people at Microsoft is the simplify and unify the brands, according to Tuula Rytila, head of marketing in this new era. For them, Lumia It is still very important, and will appear in all things having to do with connectivity.

Apart from smartphones and other related hardware products, we will see change brand throughout the entire visible surface of brand, i.e. Microsoft Lumia pages, social networks, and distribution channels.

We have the following interesting aspect in this renewal in the date of the first product that debuts brand. Although it is not very specific, if advances we will be coming soon. We are committed to see that Microsoft Lumia before end of the year.

With regard to the current range, There will be no change, continue selling as such, with its marketing and denominations. You seem to have not too much intention to spend on something that is already underway.

Clarification on the use of the Nokia brand, Apparently, Microsoft does not want it on smartphones, but will have no problem in further usage in simple phones. We remind you that it has licensed their use for ten years.

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