Microsoft Mobile Prefers Lumia Nokia Start to Change Names of Applications

Updates of applications present in phones are coming Nokia, and developed initially by the Finnish company, and at the same time as they arrive, we are seeing that there are changes in designations.

Under the guidelines of Microsoft Mobile There are many things that have to be changed, and that must be noticing. For one thing, like the Americans more How sounds Lumia, as Nokia does it. Well, more like it, sure there is some involvement in the owner of the denomination.

We have evidence in the following applications, which have changed their name, in the majority of cases by removing the name of Nokia of them: Lumia Storyteller, Creative Studio, Lumia CinemaGraph and Lumia Panorama Lumia. As you can see, most related to the camera.

Other as Camera Nokia Beta they have also received the update, but they retained the name of its creator. In the above list changes there or important developments in the application, rather the change of name, which in some cases has not been changed nor description.

A few hours from the official presentation of developments in the IFA 2014, we are seeing as Microsoft Mobile continues its progressive changes in names, that both stir and confusion are causing in the mobile community.

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