Microsoft Definitely Kills The Brand Nokia Phones

Update: Microsoft shows us how is your signature on the phones Lumia, the first product will soon.

It is what we have from Verge, and is also something that had to happen sooner or later. In recent months we have not stopped to see details that made us think that change would be next, and although it is not yet a fact, is practically confirmed.

Microsoft Lumia It will be the name that we will have to get used to see in the next generation of the American household devices. Plugging the Nokia logo, but also leaving a little less visible on Windows Phone, that seems carrying road be better known within a “Windows” path in different screen sizes.

The new name would marry with the name of the company, Microsoft Mobile Oy, that is the one that chose for the legal entity. Another subsidiary in the Microsoft Devices Group, such as Xbox, Surface, or peripherals.

Apparently Nokia France It will be the first to adopt the name “Microsoft Lumia”, it will do so in social networks like Facebook or Twitter. In successive weeks, change will be taking place in neighbouring countries.

It is interesting to clarify a bit the situation of the different companies involved. Nokia as such, they removed the division making mobile, but it is still alive, no relation of belonging to Microsoft. The Finns will continue its development as a company in other fields, such as maps, or networks.

Do you think about the new name? Do you think that Microsoft lost with that change? Sounds you well that Microsoft Lumia 930?

On the Facebook page of Nokia Spain there is already talk of change.

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