Lumia 1330, Another Microsoft Phone That Expect Tomorrow

If you have already well-known to Lumia 535, the other terminal which Microsoft It could introduce ourselves tomorrow, premiering the new name – without Nokia-, is the Lumia 1330.

The second Microsoft Lumia It has been seen in a couple of pictures before its supposed official launch. Here we bring it you so that we can debate its accuracy – I believe that it is real, – and the market interest that has.

Lumia 1330 we see, has all the earmarks of being the replacement for the Nokia Lumia 1320, a middle range phablet that came to light in October last year. The philosophy of the new product appears to be similar.

In the images we see that it looks the logo of Microsoft, where appeared before Nokia, but the design language has not changed, all falls within the concept of Lumia. Expected a screen of 6 inch (HD), and mid-range Windows Phone 8 specifications.

If everything is moving in the networks is real, I think Microsoft Lumia landing on the market should be with some more capable terminal, or at least, located in the high range, so people can see that the attack is at all levels.

Update. In Central Windows dan by false images, that does not mean that the terminal does not exist and will be presented. We take this opportunity to include a teaser that Microsoft has prepared to heat the atmosphere:

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