At Turns (New) with The Big Bet of Nokia World-Android

For years it was speculating with the arrival of Nokia to the Android world, something that finally became reality with the Nokia X and most recently the Nokia X 2. Entry phones designed to be cheap, without notable features more than its price, around 100 euros.

But we continue with the riveted to see thorn an authentic high-end Android manufactured by Nokia, and these rumours return to enliven it. Here are several Chinese media which claim that the Finnish mark, now in the hands of Microsoft, has hands a new phone which is working on the team that designed the Nokia N9, that curious device with Meego that captivated us in our touchdown, although it never curdled on the market as did options with iOS, Android or, to a lesser extent, Windows Phone.

They become a high-end Nokia Android rumors, Although there is still a list of specifications or even product images. There is speculation that the design will be inherited from the Nokia N9, although this is not a surprise since much of the Lumia for many years have been following these lines, colors and formats. A point where Nokia can improve on the ‘X’ family is in the operating system that, although based on Android, it lacks many of the features supported by Google.

Do you remember?

This is the Nokia N9, possibly one of smartphones more attractive Nokia did indeed never.

For now no price or launch date, It is clear that it will not be an imminent presentation and be a real terminal, it will be already well into 2015 When know you. Do not lose sight that the next Mobile World Congress in Barcelona (2-5 March 2015) is already at less than half a year away.

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