A Third Quarter Spectacular Indicates That Nokia Seems to Be Recovering The Course

The benefits that the Finnish company has produced during the third quarter clearly indicate that Nokia He’s recovering health. So far, nothing seemed to portend that this veteran firm was able to give benefits in the short term, especially after lurches that have kept it for a long time in a “comatose” State. But it seems that this bad luck could have fallen behind.

Report that Nokia today unveiled itself reveals that it has achieved a net profit of 747 million euros During this last quarter. This figure, although one is striking, is even much more if we take into account that generated a loss of 91 million euros in the same quarter of the previous year. The change of trend obvious, although, obviously, it is not due to the sales of mobile phones.

Apparently, these spectacular income have their origin in the deployment of high speed mobile networks that Nokia is working in North America and China. At the end, and after this business has always been one of its pillars. Rajeev Suri, the Chief Executive of the company, has confessed that this change in trend has been generalized, which has led to their sales are increasing in four of the six regions in which they are present.

There is a possible conclusion to this single data: Nokia I needed to get rid of its mobile phones division, now in the hands of Microsoft, «trace the flight». It was something that we could guess, but has now been confirmed. In some ways it is a shame that Europeans have lost to a maker of mobile phones with so much weight as Nokia came to be, but it is clear that he failed to adapt to the new times. Competitors already are not Sony, HTC, Samsung, Apple and company, but, above all, Ericsson and Huawei, other two telecommunications giants. In any case, no point in looking back. This is the new Nokia.

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