A New Firmware Allows Some Lumia to Have a Static IP, of Time in India and Latin America

Sometimes 18 megabytes they give to much. This is what ‘weighs’ update for Cyan (Windows Phone 8.1) which are apparently receiving some owners of terminals Lumia 525, 625 Lumia and Lumia 925. This new firmware for Microsoft Mobile could have passed as one minor update of not having referred to a very interesting feature: the possibility of enabling a static IP address.

Users who have already received it have confirmed that also resolves some errors are relatively minor, but it is clear that what is really striking is that it allows to use a static address. In the image below you can see the network of one of these terminals parameters configuration screen Lumia, and, indeed, in the corner bottom left this option appears.

I think that this functionality may be interesting in a professional setting in which a system administrator need to remotely access a park of terminals to carry out maintenance work, within an infrastructure in which a DHCP server is not used. But, honestly, I do not think a critical update for the bulk of the users, although it is possible that there is some context in which to have a static IP come well (if anyone you think would be nice that you share it in the comments of the post).

In any case, seems to to make this work the mobile operator also have to endure it. Perhaps this is the reason why, for the moment, this only firmware has arrived some Lumia from India and Latin America with Cyan (this last figure has been confirmed by users in countries such as Colombia and Argentina), but we cannot rule out that later come to other countries through other carriers. We will follow him track.

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