Why All Love Cross Handbag or Shoulder Bags?

The beloved cross bag still on high and looks like he’s back to stay. With many advantages to compose visual female, this model of woman’s handbag is still doing the head of both the it girls, the most influential fashionistas and also the general public on the street. You may also love to use a purse and didn’t realize the reason.

As such or not, here you will learn some reasons why we all love this template so sweet.

First of all, the cross handbag or shoulder strap is a classic

The bag is interesting since your cross origin. Who uses nowadays sometimes have no idea how this play so common emerged, but your history dates back to a busy time. When World War II came to an end in 1945, the role of women in society, was in transformation and the female workforce had a great growth. These changes affect directly the fashion world, featuring clothing and accessories that show more practicality and agility to the day to day.

It was in this period that none other than the great Coco Chanel showed a different bag, small and practical, to load only what was essential and, especially, offer greater mobility through its long handles, allowing the hands would be free to perform other tasks without embarrassment. Here was born the first shoulder bag.

After that, over the years, the stock market has been gaining more and more space and use your shoulders (shoulder) or through the forehead (transverse) never went out of style.

Versatility of the cross:she combines Scholarship with various looks

The transverse or shoulder bag is actually almost a concept, since on iamaccepted.com there are different types of scholarships that behave in this manner. The first models were small, about the size and shape of a clutch bag, but with the long handles, but the weather caused many other variations were added to the style and today it is easy to find cross purses in different sizes and formats.

This means that there is option to use a purse across virtually any occasion. The day to day work in a fancy party, in a night event or a casual stroll, you can be sure to always use a bag.

Of course, that doesn’t mean you can put any one of them and just put in visual, right, honey? Exactly why have so many options, you need to combine the styles, colors, and material.

Using the bag of different modes

The first thing that you need to put on your head is: the bag should be in harmony with your body. Looks like a Buddhist mantra, but it’s not. The truth is that the volume of the bag needs to cross match with your body avoiding creating a surplus in your silhouette. A simple example: If you have big hips, avoid placing the bag in tow on the side exactly at the hips.

Why not? Simple, your hip will be even bigger and will call an attention greater than your composition. This lack of harmony jump your eyes and hide all your production.

So, what to do? Well, the bag can be used in many ways and one of them is to put her in front or back of the body, using her as a cross bag

Another issue that many girls live with griladas is in relation to the size of the breasts. Who has large breasts usually get scared to use the purse, since the handle can point out even more. The truth, my friend, is that you don’t have to be afraid. What can really check your breasts is the size of the neckline. And, depending on the neckline, the handles will increase the exposure.

In this case, the concept is the same: If you overdo it, all your construction look goes out the window, because the attention of the composition is in the background. Therefore, you can use without fear a cross bag with handles more thin, and just need to be confident about the feel good with the visual.

The shoulder strap, the bag can help disguise the size

Yes, the shoulder bag can still make a welcome the more: If you’re short and you want to take that wrong at the time, in addition to the jump in the side of the handle regular body can give the desired effect. Of course, that is also not as simple and won’t make a miracle, but, depending on the outfit you are using and depending on the size of the bag, you can find a measure to raise or decrease your size.

The secret is to test in front of the mirror, but remember that the recommendation of the shoulder bag is that it is always at the height of the waist, if you put in some different place, the result can be at least strange.


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