Wedding Fashion Trends

The day dreamed of a bride requires much attention to become as unforgettable as possible.We separate the tendencies of the 2016 wedding parties for the tidy notices on duty:

  1. Engagement Rings
    Engagement rings never go out of style, but this year the rings are given different shapes, more naturalistic and organic, inspired by the contours and shapes of nature. The colorful gemstones, which bring a vintage inspiration, are also on the rise this year.
  2. Decoration
    Since pantone has chosen Rose Quartz and Serenity as the colors of 2016, in the decoration of weddings the two colors are more present than ever. Besides, the community tables also gain strength in the layout of the tables at the party, are good for outdoor places, but also for indoor.
  3. Dresses with tattoo effect
    For the brides of 2016, a big bet on the choice of dress are transparencies that create a tattoo effect and stylists from around the world are presenting collections inspired by this style.
  4. Same tone for the bridesmaids
    The color palette and the color choice of bridesmaid dresses has already become common in Brazilian weddings. By 2016, the color palette may be one color in different tones. The choice of pastel shades always creates a more delicate effect, especially in the photos.
  5. Movie telling the couple’s story
    In seeking to share with their friends and family about their history and happiness, couples have opted for the pre-wedding destination:a trip to conduct the pre-wedding rehearsal and produce a short video telling the story of the bride and groom.
  6. Wedding Cakes
    Naked Cake is still high, but this year it will be presented with flowers, fruits and wild branches for rustic weddings. For classic festivities, traditional cakes with sugar flowers.
  7. DIY
    Everything that is personalized by the bride and groom in marriage translates the couple in a creative way. It can be the top of the cake, the basket of wedding bands, the souvenirs, etc.
  8. Macarons for souvenirs
    Well married can be replaced by more modern options like custom Macarons. The important thing is to let the guests leave the party with a delicious taste in the mouth and heart.

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