Wall Decorations: Photo On Wood

Today I will show you how you can easily make a special wall decor: we print photos on wood.

My colleagues have returned with many great photos of our blogger event from Mallorca . Quickly I realized that they are too bad to dust on our drives. That’s why I want to make wall decorations myself and print the photos on wood. But do not worry, you do not have to put any wood in your printer.

Making wall decorations yourself: You need that

The principle is quite simple: in order to make your wall decoration yourself, you need a photo printed on paper and a matching large piece of wood to which it is to be transferred. Here, for example, a piece of pine is suitable, which you can cut to the desired size in the hardware store. You can print the photo with a color printer on dinosaur wallpaper. Laser printers are best suited. For inkjet printers, the ink may blur because it is water-soluble. If you do not have a laser printer, you can also print the photo for a few cents in the Copy Shop. Consider printing the photo when transferring it to wood. For example, photos of people should be printed in mirrored form. Only so the photo is at the end again right around. Also, your water needs and a sponge that you cut to two smaller sponges. The only extra-ordinary utensil is the transfer agent. This is available from different manufacturers. For example: PhotoPatch, Mod Podge or Fototransfer Potch. With the transfer means you can transfer the color of the picture to the wood. At this point, I also had to enter a new basement, but I can reassure you: Whoever can deal with craft glue, he also masters the Photopatch!

Make your own wall decor: And that’s how it works

  1. Spread the printed photo and the piece of wood, using a sponge, evenly with the transfer agent.
  2. Then place the photo with the picture side down on the wood and brush it carefully.
  3. Now it is about 1.5 hours to dry and wait. In this time you can devote yourself to other projects. How about a cup of coffee while you are thinking about where the pictures are best in your home?
  4. If your works are dried, you need the second sponge and a bowl of lukewarm water. Now start to soften the paper and gently scrub it until only the color is on the wood.

Afterwards, you can apply the transfer medium over it, then dry and tatataaaaa, your photo on wood is ready!

Here I have selected you a video which shows again exactly how you can make your wall decoration itself:

Now only the right place has to be found. Maybe an ancestral gallery in the hallway or dreamy vacation pictures in the bedroom? Thicker wooden photos do not necessarily have to hang on the wall, but can also be found on tables, along with flowers or wind lights . Also the format is variable. It would also be an idea to divide a large motif into several smaller sections. Try it. There are no limits to creativity!

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