Tips When Buying the Cargo Bag

Ehhh guys, before buying the cargo bag researched had several doubts, decided on one and then changed my mind, anyway very complicated to reach a decision. Not for less, the cargo bag is the most important item in a backpack and will be our companion during the whole trip, then have to go through a strict selection.

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What brand to buy? What size? What are the details to observe before purchase?

I will try to answer these and other questions in order to help them to purchase the cargo bag.

* If you’re wondering: “what’s a cargo bag?”, first read the post types of Backpacks.
First of all, a suggestion: Prefer to buy the cargo bag personally in a physical store, instead of buying over the internet. If the price is better, try to first go to a store that has the same model that you wanted to hear and observe carefully all the details then go home and make the purchase. That’s what I did.

Now we’re going to the tips on the purchase the cargo bag

-Lifetime warranty: this is a very important point. many brands offer lifetime warranty and in my opinion if the brand offers this kind of guarantee because they really trust in the product. At worst you have nowhere to run if your bag is damaged.

-Size: this is one of the main reasons why you must “meet” the bag in person, you can “try it”, take into account your height and remember: a large bag will be heavier and regardless of the size of the backpack, you’re always going to want to fill it.

-Backpack attack: Some models come with a small attack backpack attached.

-Handles: The handle should not hurt your shoulders, wider straps prevent that from happening. Also check that are padded, soft.

-Cover: Some models already comes with a rain cover included. This cover is not important only when you pick up a storm on the way, it also protects against dirt. If your bag does not come with the cover you can purchase it separately.

-Setting: Check out all the possible ways of controls, handles, barrigueiras, height, and see if the bag fits well to your body.

-Brand: National brands are easier to trigger the manufacturer in case of any questions or warranty. In the case of imported brands this becomes more complicated. If the bag is purchased in another country, you usually get a very good price, so you can make up for it.

-Barrigueira: Required item. Try it, see if it is comfortable.

-Access: Imagine that you put your lucky underwear her at the bottom of the bag and you want to catch her but the backpack only has access at the top, hard not to? So check the access to the inside of the bag, some have higher access, a front access and a bottom. It makes life easier.

-External Pockets: May be useful to leave a few things that you need quick access.

-For girls: some brands have models that fit better to the female body. Worth doing the test.

– If you buy over the internet: Check the site and exchange policy as soon as the bag get check the conditions and try it.

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