Tips For Choosing LED Bulbs

Tips for choosing LED bulbs

LED bulbs are a trend in lighting. With greater durability, robustness and cost efficiency in relation to other technologies, they have become popular in the market of lighting and replace gradually the use of fluorescent lamps.

In choosing an LED lamp is interesting that some features are observed:

  • Mains voltage lighting.

The tension, or “voltage”, is information that must be according to your lighting network. LED bulbs are typically provided in 127 V, 220 V or 12 V, there are also models bivolt, which work in 127 or 220 V.

In the case of lamps in 12 V, you will need to install a transformer to achieve the proper tension. In general this type of lamp is used for installation on crown molding and ceilings of plaster or drywall.

  • Type of socket/lamp base.

If the lamp being replaced is interesting that it is suitable for the socket that is already installed, preventing the need for Exchange of same.

Domestic compact lamps more common use the socket E27, with screw. T5 lamps use socket G5 and the T8 and T10 tube using the G13 socket. For more information about the main types of socket for lamps click here.

  • Luminous flux and power.

The luminous flux, measured in lumens (lm), concerns the ability of lamp lighting. Already the lamp power, measured in watts (W) is related to the consumption of electric energy.

To replace, for example, a compact fluorescent lamp 13 W by a LED bulb type, you must choose a lamp that has a similar luminous flux, what would happen in this case with a 7 W LED lamp. The table of equivalence of the manufacturer will help you in this choice.

  • Color temperature.

The color temperature is related to the appearance of color as the light emitted. Lamps with color temperature around 3000 K produce light with yellow aspect and are ideal for more intimate environments, such as living rooms and bedrooms. When the color temperature of the lamp is next to 6500 K, your light looks white, sometimes with a little bluish, being these lamps suitable for desktop environments or environments where white color is predominant, as offices, laundries and bathrooms.

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