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Continuing with the post where we recommended tennis rackets a few weeks ago, this time we will thoroughly test the range of balls of the Artengo brand, going through the training balls to your ball more complete competition. If you are one of those who do not settle for anything and you are looking for a ball with a good value for money that suits your game and your requirements, surely one of the many options that Artengo offers you will be of interest.


You come to a store to buy a boat of tennis balls, you plant in front of the lineal and you see that the task is not so simple … There are many types and many brands, with pressure and without pressure, “Extra Duty” and “Regular Duty” … And now that?The first thing that you must consider is the use that you are going to give to the ball and what you are looking for and more you value in it.

For example, in terms of usage, you may be looking for NGO – Non-profit Organization:

  • A ball that is going to be used continuously several hours a day in a club giving classes.
  • A ball you will use once or twice every other week playing an occasional game with a friend who is just starting out.
  • A ball for a major match in a tournament or ranking and that is going to be used by two people who stick hard to the ball.

In relation to the use you are going to give it, your demands will also be different.

For example, following the previous examples:

  • If you buy a ball for a club you will look for it to be a durable ball and to conserve the longest pressure.
  • If you buy a ball to occasionally play with a friend, you may want to make it an easy-to-play ball (with a medium and medium-length pot)
  • If you buy a ball for a ranking game, if you put the balls, you will look for a ball with a boat suitable for the type of track and the type of game that benefits you the most (you will not take into account the durability since they will be used In a single match or two at the most).

The choice of a ball will depend on the use you want to give it and what you value most about it

Due to the demanding quality controls passed by tennis balls today (the level of deformation, hardness, weight, measurements, the durability of the felt, as well as some parameters of rebound between which it must be located To be approved by the ITF), we can say that there really is not a bad ball, but a use for which it is not indicated.


  • On the ball: Made with a rubber core and felt outer.It has a weight of 57.7 grams and a diameter of 66 mm.The particularity of this ball compared to the rest of the range is that it is a ball without pressure.That is why we will find it loose, as it does not need the pressurizing offered by a boat to keep its pressure.
  • Points for: It is a very resistant ball that will keep your boat very long since it does not tend to lose naturally that pressure that is injected like the other pressurized balls.It is a ball that will benefit those looking for a ball with a fast pot.
  • Points against: Not being a pressurized ball makes it harder (the ball boat is provided by that rubber hardness and not the pressure that a pressurized ball would bring) and this can affect a higher boat as well To a lesser control.Keep in mind that the life of the felt will be somewhat lower compared to the durability of the boat.
  • Recommended for: In my opinion, for the price and great capacity to keep a stable boat for a long time, it is an ideal ball for training, since investing much more money for a ball that will no doubt stop having pressure in a short time will be A much more expensive investment and will force to change the balls of our car with more assiduity.Without a doubt, the Artengo TB 800 is one of those balls to always carry in the raketeer in case you forgot to buy new balls and you want to go to the track, as they will always get you out of a hurry.


  • On the ball : Composed of a rubber core and synthetic felt on the outside.We found it in a pressurized format in a four-ball pot.They have a weight of 57.7 grams and a diameter of 66.5 mm.It has been approved by the ITF and is designed to play on all surfaces.Compared to the Artengo TB800, a greater amount of felt and a less hard touch is observed, although it is still a somewhat live ball.
  • Points for: This is a ball with a good feel and a live boat without becoming too hard.Having more felt than the TB800 makes it easier to play and control.
  • Points against: If used intensively, the durability of the felt is less than the TR920 and TR930 balls (which we will see below).
  • Recommended for: Beginner and middle level players looking for a ball to compete or training looking for a less hard ball that allows better control.They can be a good choice for clay for its liveliness and for its amount of felt sufficient for a good touch, but not excessive for it to entangle and absorb the earth.


  • On the ball: Composed of a core of rubber and natural felt with synthetic material on the outside.We found it in a pressurized format in a four-ball pot.They have a weight of 57.7 grams and a diameter of 66.5 mm.It has been approved by the ITF, as well as by the French Tennis Federation (FFT) and the Italian Tennis Federation (FIT).It is suitable for playing on all types of surfaces.It should be noted that since 2013 is the official ball of the ATP 250 tournament ” Moselle Open ” on hard court, held in the French town of Metz, receiving very good criticism from players participating in the tournament in subsequent surveys .
  • Points for : It has a very good and comfortable beating sensation, transmitting very good sensations.It is a ball with a constant pot and good quality in the felt that allows access very well to the effects and that you will not find too demanding, being quite simple to adapt to it.
  • Points against: For some intensive players, on certain terrains they may give the impression of having a boat too high.
  • Recommended for: Intermediate players looking for access to the effects and feeling in the beat, as well as intensive players looking for a high-performance multipurpose ball at a good price.Ideal for hard court matches guaranteeing at least a couple of matches with good pressure and felt sensations.If you are looking for a competition ball to train, the sale in drawers is quite interesting.

For you to see the Artengo 920 at full capacity, here is a brief summary of last year’s Moselle Open final:


  • On the ball: This is the top ball within the Artengo range, composed of a core of rubber and natural felt of cotton and wool with a little acrylic.We found it in a pressurized format in a four-ball pot.They have a weight of 58 grams and a diameter of 66.5 mm.It has been approved by the ITF, as well as by the French Tennis Federation (FFT) and the Italian Tennis Federation (FIT).It is suitable for playing on all types of surfaces.

The Artengo TB 930 ball weighs 58 grams and has a diameter of 66.5 mm

  • Points for: Due to the quality of the felt since it is a ball with an optimum pressure that gives it a very stable medium boat, the taking of effects and the good sensations in the beat are guaranteed.It weighs slightly more than the other balls in the range (3 grams), so if you are an advanced player looking to put more weight to the ball in your kicks this will be a plus.
  • Points against: Extra weight can be equally inconvenient if in your case you are accustomed to lighter balls, so at first it may cost you the adaptation or maybe you feel something more tired in the arm.If you are looking for a ball to play several games, you will find that the loss of pressure is more noticeable in this ball (so it is more suitable for use in specific matches and not as a training ball or for prolonged use).
  • Recommended for: Intensive and competitive players looking for a high-end ball with weight without having a boat too high and a very good sensations in the beat.Due to the extra quality of the felt, it is a very durable ball in that sense, something that you will observe in long and demanding matches.

And you, have you tried any of these balls?What have been your sensations?What do you like or what would you improve about each model?

Good week tennis players!

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