Spring Jewelry

Spring is an inspiring season.It brings a delicacy and femininity that are reflected in the various segments of fashion.Casa São Paulo has made an exuberant selection of jewelry that has everything to do with the season! Check it:


The pearls, one of the most classic and feminine elements, are high in the season of delicacy.Although many people associate this element with the old, today, pearl jewelry has gained a more contemporary, modern design that joins the delicacy of the natural element and creates a sophisticated effect.These jewels can be used both in productions for informal occasions and in more sophisticated productions for weddings, graduations, etc.The jewelry with pearls is a trend that has already won the fashion world.The earring and ring of Pearls of the House of São Paulo is finished in 18k Gold and contains two Pearls, one smaller, which on the earrings, is on the top of the ear, and a larger one, which is on the bottom.


In spring, we can abuse the delicate jewels in Ouro Rosé, a material as soft and feminine as the flowers of the season.The Brigitte Ring in Gold Rosé has 16 diamond points studded around a natural sapphire that gives life to the fascinating blue color of the precious gem.The right bet for stunning production!In this jewel you can substitute Sapphire for your favorite gem: Emerald (green), Ruby (red), Amethyst (purple), Marine Water (light blue) or Yellow Topaz.


For those of you who are fans of the vintage universe, in the flower season, you’ll be able to sculpt to compose romantic visuals with accessories inspired by this universe that never goes out of style! Vic’s rings and earrings from the thembaprograms.com are the right choice for a stylish look in this romantic, delicate springtime atmosphere that reflects the design of the beautiful pieces. Both the earring and the Vic ring were developed for those looking for a classic and eternal jewel. What attracts attention in these pieces are the brilliant and Black Diamond that surround the Precious Gem creating a “hypnotizing” contrast .

What will be the jewel of your spring?Choose the one that suits you best!

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