Motherhood Suitcase

The big day is coming! Make sure that the Maternity Suitcase, or better, the suitcases (3 suitcases) are all ready when you enter the 35th week of gestation, this way you will be calmer and avoid rushing if your labor starts before the week 40.
The 3 suitcases you will need to organize are the baby’s suitcase, yours and the companion’s. The list is a bit exaggerated so that, if there are unforeseen circumstances, you do not have to ask someone to come running to get some maternity trousers at babbfashion.

Click to download PDF of the list of items for maternity suitcase

Important Information Before Organizing Maternity Suitcase:

Usually maternity wards provide a list of the items you should bring to you and the baby and they may vary by season but before starting the organization of the baby’s suitcase make sure the maternity you chose has its temperature controlled by Air conditioner, because in this case you will only take half-season sets.
Diapers and toiletries will be provided by the hospital, but it does not cost to confirm with them when you contact to know about the temperature.

Tradition Of The Yellow And Red Colors Of Baby Clothes:

Have you ever noticed that the children of celebrities leave the maternity ward with a piece of clothing, slippers or a red blanket?
It is because there is a tradition here in Brazil that the baby should wear yellow clothes on the day of birth and red on leaving the maternity ward.And the reason is simple, the meaning of color.

Yellow : Life, wealth and prosperity;
Red : Protection and good energies (including protecting from evil eye and envy).
There are meanings for various other colors and you can also use more than one:
Blue : peace and quiet;
Rosa : love and happiness
Green : Health and serenity;
White : purity and lightness;
Lilac : delicacy.

Caring For Baby Clothes:

– Wash all parts with neutral soap;
– Do not use fabric softeners and perfumes on clothing;
– Remove all tightened pins, labels, packaging and elastics;
– Choose fabrics suitable for the season (for example, do not take wool in summer);
– Do not wear pins or trimmings that require a pin to attach to clothing;
– Avoid elastic bands for girls’ hair;
– Beware of ruffles and high collars that can bother the baby and disrupt breastfeeding.
– Avoid wearing socks, slippers, braces, hair ornaments for girls, hats and any other small item, as they may end up fading between one exchange and another of the baby.

Items For The Baby’s Suitcase:

– 2 blankets or shawls (one light cotton and one soft or some other warm fabric)
– 6 overalls or combos (in the summer choose light fabrics and in winter choose softer ones such as soft. The baby will use only lightweight fabrics or knit jackets and, if need be, would keep it.)
– 6 long-sleeved or pagan
– set pants6 leggings with only light socks if winter.
– 8 baby skirts or pans (to feed the baby and can wipe the excess)
– 1 maternity leave (not compulsory, but some moms buy a special maternity outfit, usually with a matching blanket)
Separate into envelopes Or sachets with a label the little ones your baby will use per day. There will be 6 sacks. Usually the first outfit that will deliver to the nurse will be your escort, so it’s best to leave everything organized.

Caring For Mom’s Suitcase:

Your clothes should also be washed with mild soap because the baby will be in direct contact with you. Forget perfumes, scented creams, bracelets and rings this time, but do not let the vanity aside and invest in lipstick, mascara, hair clips and small earrings.
Absorbents are usually provided by the hospital, but if you have any preferred brand worth packing a night-time package. Now the toiletries that are often also provided, the tip is to take the ones you are already used to because you will need to wash your hair and, if possible, moisturizer in the belly.

Items In Mom’s Suitcase:

– 2 breastfeeding bras with wide straps
– absorbent to the breast not to leak milk in your bra and clothes.
– 6 high panties, preferably suitable for postpartum. In specialized stores you can find several models, they can not be too low or too tight, if you get it right you will be good for postpartum. Remember that you will use them with absorbent.
– 3 pairs of socks . Some moms who need to undergo cesarean delivery may experience cold tremors after they undergo the effect of anesthesia.Socks help a lot in this case.
– 3 shirts or pajamas that allow you to breastfeed. You can also choose very comfortable clothes that also allow you to breastfeed, but remember that after delivery there is heavy bleeding for 2 or 3 days and can stain your clothes. Extra clothes are important. And whether the clothes will be cool or warm will depend on whether the hospital is temperature controlled or not.
– 1 dressing . It is worn by some moms who want or need to wander the aisles, however if you are wearing pajamas, sweaters or clothes that are not revealing there is no need to put on the dressing.
– slipper or low shoe that you can wear alone and without lowering.
– Maternity leave clothing . It will be the same size as the clothes you wear at the end of gestation because of the swelling.
– toiletries:  soap, shampoo, conditioner, deodorant, hair brush / comb, body moisturizer (mild or unscented smell), toothbrush, toothpaste, dental floss, mouthwash, cotton swab, Nail and makeup.

Companion’s Suitcase:

– 3 changes of clothes according to the season;
– 2 pajamas;
– 4 changes of underwear;
– Toiletries: soap, shampoo, conditioner, deodorant …


Identity document with photo of the pregnant woman;
Identity document with photo of the parent or guardian;
Marriage certificate (if any);
Health plan card;
Guide to health plan authorization I am a password;
Attestation of hospitalization of the doctor or prenatal card;
Last ultrasound;
Blood tests performed;
Test result for Streptococcus Group B performed between weeks 35 and 36 of gestation;
Other tests done during gestation, if any.

Do Not Forget:

Mother’s bedroom door trim;
Newborn memories;
List with the contacts of the people you want to tell about the birth;
Books and magazines to pass the time;
Video camera;
Extra batteries;
Camera chargers;
Cellular phone chargers.

Care For Mom’s Appearance:

By the time of delivery, moms can not:

Being with moisturizer anywhere on the body;

Wear makeup;

Being with nails painted with colored enamel or gliter;

Wear any type of jewelry, earrings, rings and piercings;

Being with any product in the hair such as gel, ointment and fixatives.

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