Lingerie For Pregnancy and Postpartum

High tips to start the week! Lingerie for pregnancy and postpartum

Are you pregnant? Or is living the postpartum phase? Learn how to choose the right lingerie.
Avoid panties of synthetic fabrics and bras with frames, which can hurt your breasts, but otherwise you can choose lingerie more cute.

  • You can use the models you like, choose larger models and of course comfortable, and in the case of brassieres choose models with wider straps and elastics.

Here’s how to choose lingerie for pregnancy and postpartum:
Bras: Prefer models with reinforced elastic, wider straps and adjustable cotton (is more comfortable) and close to adjust.

  • Do not use tight models with supports and fins because it hurt her breasts, which are more sensitive.
  • Postpartum, choose specific to breastfeeding, with front opening (this makes enough).
  • Panties:Choose cotton or mesh bikini type (lower) or at the time of the navel.
  • The models less dug provide greater comfort mainly after the c-section. Are not indicated as synthetic fabrics the vagina is more moist, can promote the proliferation of fungi.
  • Bodies: Indicated during the postpartum, mostly for women who have undergone a c-section. Generally, it’s a piece accepted, let the woman more comfortable and stylish.
  • There are practical models, front opening Bras, ideal for breastfeeding.
  • Straps: If you will be using, choose models more comfortable, you don’t shake as much as the older ones.

Now that you know what maternity lingerie can use in pregnancy and the postpartum, try to take care of your health, your comfort without losing the charm!

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