Keep an Eye on Bridal Trends 2015

The wedding party is a fascinating event. The details, the sweets, the weather, the expectation of the bride’s entrance … All this helps to create a magical atmosphere. As we are still in the month of the brides, we selected some trends for the brides of 2015 to keep an eye on makeup to dress.
Bridal bouquets are increasingly stripped down and at the same time richer with a greater diversity of flowers and foliage. The round bouquet with a single type of flower has lost its sparkle for brides of 2015/2016. Another incredible detail of the bouquet is the wide and long ribbons that are being used to create more movement and lightness in the composition of this fundamental item. We love this trend!
The ideal makeup for the bride 2015 and 2016 remains the one that does not exaggerate. A natural, subtle and elegant make that leaves a clean and fresh look is the ideal choice and will gain more and more strength in the production of the Brazilian bride.

The trend of 2015/2016 bridal hair and hairstyle is stripped hair, which has loose, disconnected wires with a young, contemporary look. The golden accessories with stones and flowers give the delicacy and romanticism in the production of the bride 2015.
Something that has caught my attention are the dresses with superdecotes in V. Surely this is a trend of wedding dress 2015/2016 and promises to enter with everything in the churches and ceremonies of Brazil! More open skirts, lots of lace, tulle, overlap, 3/4 sleeve, pearl and transparency are also prominent to achieve subtly sensual yet romantic proposals.
The engagement ring for the 2015 bride should be as romantic and symbolic as possible. The Casa São Paulo, in its new creations, uses elements that symbolize romantic, eternal love besides other important meanings that each jewel brings along with a unique and sophisticated design. The jewelery uses in its new collection elements like the heart with diamond, an orchid, a flower of an enchanted garden to represent in style the engagement and the promise of stable and constant love. At our you can find the entire engagement ring collection for brides of 2015.
The bridesmaids of 2015/2016 should be discreet and elegant. Diamonds are always welcome in all their shapes and stonings. The diamond has the power to create luminous spots on the bride’s face. The São Paulo House has launched new breathtaking earrings for elegant brides, all in 18K Gold, with a unique design. The advantage of choosing an earring that is a true jewel is that in addition to being an eternal accessory, it is a piece that fits well with other productions and, above all: that bride would not feel much more special with a true diamond illuminating her Face without your big day ?! Enter the site our and discover the new collection.

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