How To Use Decorative Cages At Home

You know that cage that was going to waste? It can be used as an object of decoration, and many share the idea of using decorative cages to change the environment. The interior designer and publicist Margarete Munari shares the idea. “Like birds, so I decided to plant trees. I have a few in pots and won many birds like visitors!”.

Designer’s House, a cage that won this was transformed into a symbol of freedom of the birds. “Came from Indonesia, and use it as an object of resistance, always with the door open,” he says.

But playing the object outside was always out of the question. “I am totally in favor of recycling existing cages because we can use them as vintage wallpaper. Us decides to release the animal, then what do you do with it? You can’t produce more garbage, right? So, let’s recycle! “says Margarete.

On the floor

Have you ever thought about making a way of passing all lit up with candles? Yes, the cages can be excellent accessories in this case. Can also be used to compose environments since the Fund tends to be tough, which guarantees security when the candles are lit.

At the tables

Is to compose the party decoration, be used as chandeliers and even on bedside tables, worth betting on cages decor with flowers (worth, including the artificial), pearl necklaces (to give that romantic touch) and flasher lights (which can be led, if you do not want to hear).


The great advantage of using the cages “floating”, IE; hanging, is the optimization of space. And, let’s face it: is a charm!

Has cage standing around?

Look how many good tips the interior designer has for us:

-Paint with fluorescent paint and put Christmas lights, flashers, turning the piece type.

-Paint with spray-copper color is big trend in decorating – and then put a socket, a wire, a ceiling mount and a Globe lamp (these type ball) and you will have a beautiful pendant!

-Use as “pot” plants. Is super cute, especially if the piece is made of bamboo.

-Wood cages are a hit when are decorated with flowers. Valley paint in white and also stay with a Provencal air.

-For decoration, paint the cages according to the theme. The suggestion of designer is leaving the door open to turn the play into a beautiful pastries holder.

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