How to Use an Eyelash Curler Properly

The eyelash curler is an ally of the eye: with these tips will not make you afraid.

You know the look of the star, so open and seductive? Well, not all of the flour sack them because the doll effect is a masterful combination of mascara, eyelash fake but especially the tactical use of the eyelash curler. If you’ve never used it, we understand your reasons. The appearance, in fact, is that of a metal clamp, but once you understand how to use it (in moderation) your look will only have benefits.

1) First of all slowly approaches the instrument at the base of the lashes. If you feel pinching moved away a little.

2) crushes three times trying to take all the lashes in one stroke.

Mascara before or after? There are two schools of thought at Let’s say if you have weak and clear eyelashes would better protect them with a wire mascara before action. If, however, your eyelashes are healthy, fold them first, then apply makeup and finally ripiegale for a false eyelash effect.

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