HDTV Cameras with Noise Image CCTV

In fact this defect can occur in any brand of security camera does not only depend on the brand, but we will explain what can cause this interference, Noise in the Security Camera Image and how we can detect and avoid the problem.

HDTV Cameras with Noise Image CCTV

First Tip – When we have Noise in the security camera image we have to review how the installation was done, we have to see where the cabling is going if the cable is not damaged if it has seams on the cable and check the terminals on the cable.

Second Tip – Checking on the security camera cabling that can be of any HDL brand, Intelbras, Tecvoz, Giga Security, DKSEG, Hikvision, Greatek, Stilus, Ecotronic and so on. We can perform tests on recording equipment and security cameras are the following tests.

  • Swap the channel security cameras on the Stand Alone DVR.
  • Check the configuration of the DVR Stand Alone video format.
  • Test camera and balun separately if using UTP network cable.

With these tests we have to detect who is the cause of noise interference in the image, sometimes can be some channel of DVR Stand Alone recording equipment, sometimes can be the camera and in the minority of times can be the balun.

Most of the time it is problem in the camera cabling safety either by the distance or quality of the cable that has that carries the video signal.

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