A Gift Bracelet

Visibly frightened by the idea of longer-lasting commitments, a boy asks me a tip for this one without “second interpretations”, his words. Reason: a ring given to a former girlfriend left the fearless girl, thinking that it meant something more, that their relationship went down months after kindness _ which almost traumatized the LAD.

For him and for those who are in a similar situation, trying to present and impress without compromising, I suggest a nice jewelry. As I say in Confidential, a book that launched this year, the bracelet has an affective aura. Maybe because on the purchase, you never prioritize. For some reason not so logical, always remember this bracelet. Hence the feeling that you can always win it. When this happens, we find the maximum.

Watching over the years, the bracelet holds superfeminina, despite their many variations of use. Mixed, in pile up, when identical, in rings, for example, like fashion eventually celebrates saw mania. The present legal with bracelets is that they have this feature more collectible, for use without restrictions, depending on the day of the occasion and that fashion indicates.

Another of the tips of the moment, I have already said here including uses them amontadas, agglomerated in various formats, colors, materials and textures. So, guys, calm down: for more special as it is, this season at least, she will join many others, from the collections of the girls. And no one needs to get married just because of a bracelet.

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