6 Marks To Buy Men Shoes

It is very easy to find a nice shoe, they are in the Windows of the vast majority of mall stores dedicated to selling shoes, but the shoes are still an item for specialized brands, because your production knowledge and demand specific labor if the intent is to do something of quality. In this post I will indicate 6 marks for you who wants to buy shoes and find something worth the investment:

6 Marks To Buy Men Shoes


Direct from New Hamburg found that brand that goes against the grain of the brazilian footwear industry, instead of betting on loafers square nozzle and bizarre cutouts they believe in classical models with out the traditional and fancy finish, the result is an elegant shoe with modern touch.


While most brands of shoes even under, the Louie even over, producing classic models with quality material, impeccable finish and elements that give personality to the couple are calçdos for men who understand style, whether it is formal or casual, you want an example of this? Try to find any other brand out there that have a beautiful brogue in your grid austerity products.

Sandro Moscoloni

Hit the jackpot on some models and Miss ugly in others, a result of who tries to please this schizophrenic national market. However if we focus in good male shoes models we will find things very interesting and the best: with good price! But as they get it if the brand was founded by an Italian and has store in New York? Simple, the products are made in Franca, SP!


That’s old friend and has several addresses in Brazil, but need attention at the time of purchase, as it offers some products targeted at men who stopped in the square, beak shoes there in 2000. Looking right you’ll find some good oxfords and derbys to accompany the suit or costume in a day’s work, just keep an eye on the material of the soles of leather are more classy and elegant, invest in your budget only rubber is tight!

Jorge Donadelli

First shoes at a fair price that are even more attractive in the promotion.This brazilian brand offers everything, from the simple driver for the weekend to sophisticated oxford of varnish for a formal event important, with quality that equates to many foreign brands. Ideal for those who like variety of loafers.

The Craft Shoes Factory

Works with most traditional footwear, as well as the English shoe of the decades of 30 and 40, focusing on quality and elegance of peers.Although this guy is a classic young, was established in 2010 and already has 3 addresses in São Paulo and a virtual shop that meets all Brazil. A good place to buy shoes for environments where the dress code is more demanding.

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