5 Tips to Buying Cloth

It helps to visualize desired things or events. The more specific the idea even more finding easier. Unless the idea is utopian. A pinch of added flexibility and happiness can come. What is it about? My desire for a cloth with a butterfly motif. I found now in very free interpretation. I discovered last week at the store at de heritage ERG in Velgen this dream cloth made of pure silk, it is however no name – was no manufacturer on the label. The 5 reasons for butterfly, you can see the criteria according to which I’m looking from a cloth.

5 reasons for butterfly

  1. The color is perfect. A soft nougat Brown with blue dots fits to all shades of Brown, summery white, dark blue jeans and dark blue glasses.
  2. The fabric is silky light. He feels comfortable on the skin and the cloth is so easy that it is sustainable in the summertime. Also fits the lightness of the material to my rather small stature.
  3. The matte Sheen of silk suits the muted colors, which I prefer.
  4. The pattern contains points, which I love, and the longed-for butterfly. That is why I have baptized’s Butterfly. Sabine Gimm you could admire yesterday by the way, also a Butterfly and here I’ve described my desire.
  5. The Trapezoidal shape and length of the cloth are very practical so it’s not as voluminous as a square and not so narrow as a scarf. Scarf, flower has this format, and I love it.

On the OOTD from 14th June 2014, you see a butterfly to the Jeans Melanie from MAC, blouse by BON’A PARTE and ankle boots by DUO. The cloth with the topsy turvySchalken notes is bound. I’m so in to head & collar #9 .

How do you like my new entry? What do you choose cloth?

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