2013 Bikinis

The latest fashion trends 2013 not just refer to skirts, jackets or pants, but with the spring-summer season around the corner, we can begin to see what the trends are going to be used in relation to swimsuits and specifically with bikinis. In fashion tips we want to show the proposals that will be in fashion for bikinis in 2013.

  • Bikini trends: 2013

One of the trends in swimsuits and Bikinis for 2013 will be wearing a thong “hips” and combine them with tones that are always applicants for this kind of fashion, such as black.
This model can be found at Oye, that also includes proposals which include rents and seat belts. Very modern bikinis, but we don’t know to what extent functional.

The trikinis were very fashionable for some time, and again come back with strength to the 2013 bikinis. These models are in firm holy water and also has a detail that can “hide” the belly with the flashy colored strips, which are actually trend this year.

  • Patterned bikinis 2013:

The bikinis of different prints are one of the main trends in swimwear 2013. And, in particular, while last year saw the “animal print” that was printed, this year we can say that all the prints with some ethnic flair is what you should wear to go to the beach and being in fashion.

On the other hand, although we have to say that the prints of flowers are also very fashionable for the 2013 bikinis, you can also opt for “animal print” again, although this year the colors Brown and black ever to be cast aside. This type of model you can find at the firm clear waters.

  • Colorful bikinis 2013:

The brightest colors are a big trend for the bikinis this year, although if you prefer, you can also choose models as the firm Pily Q, that rely on the color military green.
Bikinis with fringe 2013:

Finally we want to present a proposal which at the moment is not trend, but that might cause surprise and in a few months to become the most wanted bikini. Refer us to pieces as the firm Despi, with fringe detail on top and in a very striking color like orange.

Another style for the fringed bikinis, and also the same firm Despi, is to use them with two different tones, and even beyond the fringe and colors, they can have a stamped. A style which includes everything, and that may seem excessive, although it is true that the combination is quite right.

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