WordPress Templates: Everything You Need to Know

Since I started to write articles I have been looking forward to it this time: month WordPress. It is a month where I will teach you to know that you must have a template, to know her more thoroughly, to be able to change simple things… But first thing is first and should never start a House with the roof, so today will teach you everything you must have a template that you can serve to your project and is not simply into something visual of it. Let’s start with a phrase that I repeat much: “the beauty is important, Yes, we are Visual beings and always going to be fooled by the pretty things, however, how useful is even more important”. I.e., if a template is not responsive or is not well built level SEO, by very nice is not going to serve. So Let me show you what you should have your template and then you already look at whether is beautiful:

It must be responsive.

I.e., it must conform to all formats of screen, if you see on your computer well see your website and if you see it on the mobile are follow being superbly. And it is to admit it, there is nothing more horrible that enter into the website of your Bank and having to be zooming to give the buttons or to read some text, but it is a process that you have to necessarily suffer to see your entries, receipts… However, the user entering your website does not have to suffer it. You’re not a Bank, you don’t have to necessarily use your web. And it will go as you see your virtual house is not responsive, so to get the lowest number of drop-outs, this is the most important requirement and that many neglect occasionally with elements completely “antiresponsivizados”.

SEO optimized. You can get away with a template that is not optimized for this purpose if your content is good and relevant and has “quality” visitors, but will take you before if the template is developed on the basis of SEO, since it will come with a little conversation for Google and he likes to talk to you and will tell you which is what your Web.

Template: Look, Google, this right here is a link …
Google: Perfect, and that beyond that has several links where people click?
Template: Well look, that’s the body of the article and there’s your title and who wrote it, do you like what you read?
Google: Uh, well, actually, yes. Even in fear of being accused of favoritism for speaking to me in my language, you i up!

Navigation: enter a website and be able to find things in a simple way makes it you feel very comfortable, so a requirement that must comply with your template, not to be be a website consisting only of a page, is to have an accessible and visible navigation to the user, something that some templates do not have. After seeing if it has menu you should not stay quiet, many websites have very messed-up menus where it is impossible to find something, if you don’t give importance to have a menu with everything tidy, enters the 1 & 1 website and trying to find something. Believe me, you age 10 years trying to find something on the web and you just abandoning the mission. By what before assembling your menu structure the content of your website on a sheet of paper and order as if from an index be, includes sub-indices.

Possibility of customization:

some free templates have areas that the user can not touch not to be that it passes to the payment or only have one zone to add widgets or only allows you to have a menu. And it is understandable, we all have to eat. However what is not understood is that the areas that you cannot customize are visible on the web with its characteristic “Lorem ipsum”, which is a template where the parts that you can’t customize are hidden. Except for the Copyright, you’ll that find all free templates. And that will at least allow you to have a couple of widgets in the sidebar and one in the footer, since it is an important area of conversion.
After the requirements to be fulfilled templates to make them work for your business and not your business to them, it is time to find templates that meet these requirements and adapted to needs and design of our business. To do so can use repositories of templates of payment and free.

As often happens you that that any you don’t like large pages or are too expensive I have added this section to the entrance where you can find templates for WordPress designed and developed by individuals.

Beautiful Dawn designs: sells themes for WordPress and subscription gives you one.

Bluchic: It also sells templates for WordPress and subscription gives you one.

Kotrynabass: Sells templates for Blogger and WordPress and give template or WordPress or Blogger with the subscription.

Wildflowersandpixels: Sell templates for WordPress and WordPress template gives.

With a notebook under his arm: in addition to designing templates now gift foam insole and sea for WordPress.
However, some of these templates to let you choose the font, some style… Get in the way and you get to surrender and leave the template as it comes. But it is not impossible to carry out this company simply to carry out your turn learn a little CSS, a kind of language that allows us to Stylize our website, low on those hands of his head! Because to make you life a little, I have created this CSS Guide, even in this first guide the practice is more oriented to Stylize posts, I am working on one guide to big, however when you finish reading the guide you’ll talk CSS and change some things in your template.

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