They Discover How to Run Any PlayStation Game in The Emulator of The Xperia Play

Those who already know the Sony Ericsson Xperia Play know that it offers the possibility to play the PlayStation games one purchasing them previously in the Sony store. An ideal way of reviving classic but that, like on the PSP in its origins, It only allows to play to those we have previously acquired.

However Yifan Lude, from XDA Developers, have been put hands to work to expand the possibilities of the official emulator and to run our own games. At the moment the application is not available to convert images from the game disc in the format appropriate for the Xperia Play but soon it will be available.

At the moment we can delight us with the video that heads the post and see how at least the intro’s Crash Bandicoot 3 works perfectly. Thanks to florambel by let us know.

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