The Samsung Gear S3 Arrives In Spain

Last August 31 we knew the iteration of the Samsung smartwatch being one of the presentations that initiated the IFA 2016. Now the Samsung Gear S3 finally arrives to Spain initiating the reservation period.

The iteration of the S2 arrived with a bigger size and following with the option to choose between a more classic version and another sport, called Classic and Frontier. Thus, from now on we can reserve it through the online store, to acquire it from next December 1st.

Big Successors

In the first impressions that we told you after being able to test the smartwatch we saw that Samsung had decided to keep the round sphere of the previous Gear S2 , as well asTizen as operating system. Of course, marking the differences in design between the Classic, with traditional clock aspect, and the Frontier, for those who look for a more sporty design.

With respect to the previous model, the Gear S3 incorporates the GPS (that was not in the models without 3G of the S2) and a speaker that allows, along with the integrated microphone, to be able to call or listen music without headphones. In addition, we remember that the S3 can be used with any standard strap of 22 millimeters.

Samsung Gear S3, Price And Availability

So, as we said at the beginning from today you can reserve the Samsung Gear S3 from the website of Samsung from 399 euros, which will be enabled throughout the day. This period will run from November 28 to December 1, when the official launch will take place.

Thus, as launch promotion Samsung offers 50 euros gift to use on the manufacturer’s web products, so that if the S3 is acquired in other distributors buyers will get the 50 euros gift if they deliver their old watch. This promotion will be active until December 15th.

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