The Most Expensive Shoes in the World

This pair of shoes is as expensive as a luxurious family home. The peep-toes occupied entirely with diamonds cost a million dollars, approximately 750,000 euros.

Eagerly, the show run on the red carpet at the 85th Oscars is expected on February 24. An absolute nightmare for any actress, if a second unintentionally shows up in the same outfit before the Dolby theatre. At least with the shoes the Lady can hedge now against such a gaffe; If she is willing to invest in high-heel Goldsmith Unique for the incredible price of $1 million.

11,000 Diamonds Provide the Finishing Touches

The basic framework of the one million-dollar shoes makes a couple of Guiseppe Zanotti Peep-Toes with 13 centimeters heel and platform. Empire should live the potential purchaser, but not on too large, because who is a million-dollar shoe only in small size 37 available. All three weeks employees of the luxury label “Crystal Heels” worked on the refinement of the shoes. 11,000 0.03 to 0.40 Carat Diamond brought up carefully and consistently on the pumps. It was a challenge to cover both shoes exactly symmetrically with the diamonds. An almost equally large, the appropriate point of sale to find: “Crystal Heels”-boss Evelyn Fox opted for “Leon’s jewelry ‘ in Beverly Hills. “Leon’s” is known worldwide for its luxury and unique jewelry pieces, also stars like Charlize Theron and Angelina pretty one love its unique handmade items.

First it was Swarovski Stones

But how did the idea for such a one-million dollar shoe? “Crystal Heels”-Founder Evelyn Fox was always crazy about shoes. There was not only the couple what she dreamed. The former fashion model 2011 snatched a pair of Christian Louboutin pumps and finished it over and over with Swarovski crystals. The media and the shoe manufacturers have been aware on the then 22-year old and thus developed a successful business with growing revenues from its “a people company”. Fox’s has specialized in Los Angeles -based company on the refining of Designer high heels by luxury brands such as Jimmy Choo, Manolo Blahnik and Sweet & Gabbana as well maternity footwear brand such as BestAah. Until recently, only Swarovski stones in various colors and sizes were used. The diamonte Zanotti high heels brand has created itself is now a jewel in the Crown is, that – is to inspire the women of this world according to Fox -. First and foremost, the luxury pumps are but also a smart marketing measure.

The Feeling of 750,000 Euros on the Feet

The Swarovskibring a “Bling Bling”factor – high-heels definitely with. The one million-dollar shoes make the rhinestone pumps but in the shade; The ultimate fiery sparkle of real diamonds is just not to copy. But also a problem could lie in the wearing of brilliant pumps: with equivalent of 750,000 euros on the feet, even a Red-carpet Pro can get soft knee not exactly ideal for the glamour on the red carpet-. For a more elegant appearance is not necessarily included in the one-million-dollar prize.



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