The Core: Preseason In Cycling

Today we bring to the blog other activities to do when we are in pre-season, when we are rested and we are”doing like” bicycle again. Join us and you will give guidelines to continue enjoying cycling butt.

The Preseason In Cycling

Officially the season ended in November, after the triumph in the world of cycling in Peter Sagan route for the second consecutive year, teams withdrew to rest a few weeks to come back stronger next season. In a “globalised world”as the current is difficult to define when begins and ends a season because we have competitions throughout the year but is important to schedule it if you want to do and endure throughout the year.

Leaving aside the professionals, that I know that they are from another planet (by some are professional), sure that also you like to train for some objective, a test cycle tourist, stages races, racing Federation, or the career of your people. The year has several stages, rest, pre-season, specific preparatory, competitive period and transition period, each with a type of training for that goal we have in mind.

Today I want to talk about the period of pre-season cycling road, that stage where we will train and pick up form for important races. In addition to cycling, you can train other sports to be able to reinforce the shortcomings that have this sport.

The part of cycling is going to be very soft, is always very important a good warm-up and not wanting to start to stop out of House, I usually always do 20 minutes. During this time outputs during the week better short, between 90 and 120 minutes, with its period of warming and release legs included. The weekend you can continue going out with the repaired to devour kilometers and hours, but save for later sprints.

I personally think a good idea make mtbarrivals, since the rate is lower and we will improve in strength and technique, in addition, cloudy days, wind or rain is a good alternative to the roller.

Gym Time!

You may like more or less, but during the preseason in cycling is very needed work force, both leg and the rest of the body, both to compensate for how to gain that extra power in the legs. A good idea are circuit training, training in suspension, etc, it is not obligatory to do weights Yes or Yes, there are many exercises that will help you improve.


Another sport that I love is walking, this time already cooling is a very good idea to go with the family to walk a couple of hours by the monte, the ground is soft and your body will not suffer so much as by hard terrain. Running is also good, although I would recommend to do so only by soft soils, since at that time that we are not yet at 100% we could hurt us running on asphalt.


From little I loved swimming, so it costs me nothing to go to the pool from time to time to release a little muscle, is also an aerobic exercise where activated throughout the body and insurance we will complement our more specific work. I like to always go after the gym, feeling how it loose muscles after exercise is a pleasure for the body.

If you do not have clear, maybe it is not train like crazy since it is likely that you end up injuring yourself or hurting you, put you in the hands of a personal and secure coach that your results will improve day by day.

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