Steps to Buy a new Bike

  • Go to a specialized store because in it you will find greater variety of products and greater experience of their sellers. In addition to direct service and many times free of charge.
  • It is important to take your child at the time of purchase it, to choose the appropriate size for the.
  • Choose the size appropriate for him, or any that are to be adapted, the most simple possible (18 speeds for a toddler makes sense, shock absorbers not as mechanically complicated operation in addition to adding weight, making the use of the same).
  • Check that your child can easily operate the brakes.
  • Ask for the after sales services.
  • Buy a helmet to your needs and teach you to use it.

To buy a used bike

  • Pay attention to some details, and follow the same advice for a new bike.
  • Check the State of the seat, which is not loose or severely damaged on the surface.
  • Check the condition of the tyres which are not cracked, wheels with spokes tight and focused, chain without rust.
  • Watch the State of the paint and oxide, since that will tell you possible cracks in the frame.

Pay special attention in

  • Dents in the frame of the bike.
  • Rims off-center or loose.
  • If the fork is bent and if the address is loose.

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