Sonic CD Come to Android

In the past there were two characters that clearly marked video games: Mario and Sonic, each with a fervent tide of fans following a game despite the passing of the years. Although it is notable that the reputation of Sonic is falling to the bad reviews of the latest games, SEGA don’t want to give up your goose that lays golden eggs, and so have decided to make a move that rarely does not work: a revival of a classic game.

Crumb is in that this time it’s the relaunch of which most considered the best game of the whole saga of the character is faster in the world of video games: Sonic CD, He left for the year 1993 for the SEGA CD, console that had very successful sales but left, among others, this game than at the end of the time charmed players, entering the list of games that did not receive recognition until after a long time out.

By now it is known that the game will be released by the end of 2011 for Android and other consoles and mobile operating systems, although evidence in some platforms the output would be given as imminent as the coming because the PAX East next week. The game will also come with the Japanese soundtrack and possibility of widescreen y other capabilities depending on the operating system of the terminal.

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