Save Ink When the Switch Off of the Ink-Jet Printer

Sure, it’s very tempting to be able to take his entire technology through a single toggle or switch from the network. In this respect, the switched socket is very comfortable, reduces the risk of damage caused by overvoltage, for example, in a lightning strike in the power line, and still saves a lot of power. That’s all right.

It is not advisable to take but the ink-jet printer via tip on the socket from the mains. For this, the most inkjet printers have a power switch. When you pressed it, it shuts the printhead in the rest position before the complete switch-off. There is usually a protective cover of the cartridges before running out and the print heads protects against drying.

Sudden power cut-off increases ink consumption and wear

If you simply “steal the power the printer”, he not is in the position. Then he starts when you turn the cleaning program, which not only unnecessarily consume ink, but makes also a premature change of sponges in the waste ink box necessary. In addition, that printers, where sit the print heads in the device and not on the ink cartridge , with fine abrasive paper is cleaned frequently, which leads to premature wear and tear with this approach.

Know one should in the context that many inkjet printer then start the cleaning programme also, if they are separated from the mains, after they are turned off on the device’s own power switch. Therefore their network connection should be not capped as possible, while this is easily possible for printers with LED or laser technology. That’s a good thing, because they have a higher power consumption than the inkjet printer in sleep mode, according to printerhall.

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