Samsung Gear S3, First Impressions: With A New (And Huge) Design By Flag

It was one of the great expectations of this IFA and Samsung has fulfilled what it already implied in their invitations: we have met the Samsung Gear S3 or, rather, the two different models (Frontier and Classic) arriving as successors of the Gear S2 and the Gear S2 Classic. From Xataka we have been able to test them briefly and these are our first impressions.

New Design… And Bigger

Samsung has wanted to maintain the concept it already introduced with the Gear S2: the Gear S3 is still a round smartwatch, with a rotating bezel that serves to scroll through the applications, to do scroll bar and to switch from app to app. All this is maintained, even with the two buttons on the side and with Tizen as operating system.

What does change is the design, which happens to have a more traditional clock look. In fact, the sporty look of Gear S2 disappears completely. The new “version” for those looking for a more sporty and activity-oriented design is the one that comes under the proposal of the Gear S3 Frontier, much more lifelong clock and two buttons with rough texture on the side.

The design of the Gear S3 Classic does not differ much from the Frontier, although it has more careful lines that makes it more elegant: its rotating bezel has no frames and the buttons become two circular mini-buttons, which are the ones used, Next to the bezel, for all navigation on the phone screen. Of course, everything related todesign is a matter of taste, but in person I have found two watches with very careful finishes that could go perfectly for a “lifelong” clock (at least for someone who does not understand much about traditional clocks, As is my case). Not my style, yes.

But the renovation is not only aesthetic, but also in size. Of the 1.2 “of the screen of the Gear S2 we pass to the 1.3”. Maybe on paper that 0.1 “extra does not mean a lot of change, but when testing the new Gear S3, my first impression is that they are large, or, well, huge, in fact, when comparing the new model with the previous ones, the size It does not look like a size fit for those of us with narrow wrists (at least if you do not like to wear big watches). Again, I insist: a matter of personal tastes and preferences.

It is a fairly large watch, suitable for those who do not have narrow wrists or who like big watches

Regardless of how big the watch is, the fact is that Samsung has done an excellent job in terms of weight: 62g in its Frontier version and 57g in its Classic version.Although for my tastes I found it too big, yes I did not seem at all heavy. In short: it is a light and comfortable watch to wear, which sits very well on the wrist, and whose only glue I see, in my case, is the size.

Finally, a note: until now Samsung used “proprietary” belts, that is, you had to choose yes or yes for a belt of the mark. With the new watch, this is history: you can use it with any standard 22mm strap. During our first contact we have been able to test it with different textures: leather, plastic (yes, Samsung has not forgotten the plastic), etc.

Integrated GPS Arrives

Except for the design and weight, both the Classic and the Frontier are exactly identical to each other. Samsung has chosen to extend the RAM and the battery compared to the previous model, but the performance and autonomy is something that we will have to try something more calm and we will offer you in our analysis.Complicated to reach conclusions with a little time of use and with the version of demonstration that they have installed, but in the little that we could prove yes that we saw a very good performance, fast transitions and without lag.

The New Gear S3 Has GPS

At the spec level, the Gear S3 gains something fundamental that was not in the models without 3G of its predecessor: the GPS.

What else does the Gear S3 win? A loudspeaker. With it, and next to the microphone, you can now answer calls and even listen to music directly without headphones. From the clock itself you can choose whether you want the songs to be played on the phone, then the device is used as a “remote control” or clock. We can not comment much on this section, since we tried it in a rather noisy environment, but what we could hear was reasonably well heard to be talking about a clock.

Reinforcing The Bet By Tizen

What we can talk about is Tizen. Samsung continues to insist on this operating system, and during the presentation we were assured that at the time of the release of the clock would reach the 10,000 applications. Among them, of course, new designs of spheres and also Spotify, which will soon reach this ecosystem.

This is where two other interesting news arrives. On the one hand, the colored spheres can now also be displayed with the always-on mode (always on ) of theGear S3 . On the other, new apps for altimeter, barometer and other sensors are released.

The Gear S3, with Tizen, now incorporates an alarm mode: if you press one of the side buttons three times, a red light appears on the screen that indicates that you have notified an emergency to the contact that you have selected for this purpose.This is sent through a call, in which you hear everything you have around, or SMS that also includes the position, something that can be quite useful in some situations.

A Worthy Successor Who Maintains The Idea

In short, and without losing sight of this is a very brief contact, the Gear S3 has seemed a worthy successor to the Gear S2, with a commitment to a new design and some improvement in specifications (finally with GPS) but Maintaining the idea, the operation and the proposal that we saw in the previous model.

Now, it is not a clock for everyone, and not just because I use Tizen (for me, a clear disadvantage in the current state of this OS). In my case, at least, it seems too big and big. This in Samsung possibly know it and so they have decided to keep on sale the Gear S2. In this way they cover the needs of those who are looking for something smaller or, in the case of the sport version, something more sporty.

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