Samsung Gear Fit

The smartwatch with the battery to charge the battery
The battery of the smartphone also did not suffer from the Bluetooth connection all day. I used the Gear Fit with my Galaxy S4 and did not notice a dramatic reduction of the battery because of this; In fact, I barely noticed any reduction. Note that the Galaxy S4 also has Bluetooth 4.0; With another device, the result may be different.
Speaking of which, Gear Fit only works with Samsung Galaxy line devices. Too bad the company has chosen to restrict access to this gadget. You can even make it work with other devices, but it’s not an “official” process; Test at your own risk.
On the smartphone
The use of Gear Fit depends on an application, available only from the Samsung app store.You need to access it on your smartphone and look for the Gear Fit Manager app. So just follow the step by step to do the synchronization of the smart watches (basically, activate Bluetooth and pair them) and that’s it. You only have to do it the first time.
In the app, you can make deeper customizations than just the gadget. You can choose other clock styles, background images (including photos) and change the position of each item in the Gear Fit menu.
Also in this application, you can configure notifications and keep track of physical activity logs in a more visually comfortable way than just the clock (actually, doing this kind of monitoring requires downloading the Fitness with Gear app, which is Integrated with Gear Fit Manager).
While Gear Fit Manager is enough to tinker with smartwatch, you get the feeling that its potential is not fully exploited due to the lack of apps; There are very few available. It’s that Gear Fit uses a specific operating system (unlike Galaxy Gear 2, for example, that uses Tizen), which helps preserve the battery, and you need to develop applications for it in partnership with Samsung.
You can not have everything in life.
• Design
• Useful both at exercise and day to day
• Many customizations
Negative points
• High price
• Only works with Galaxy line devices
• Few apps other than Gear Fit Manager
I’m not used to using a watch, I do not do many “traditional” physical exercises, and often someone tells me to be careful with the smartphone on the street, so much so that I keep it in my hand by responding to notifications or walking through the playlist.
Still, the experience of using the Gear Fit was very enjoyable. The high point for me was the security of being able to keep the smartphone in the bag and only respond to notifications when needed, but monitoring and exercise control is clearly the reason for this gadget to exist – it’s already in the name. Putting the tips together, its versatility is another asset: it caters very well to different demands both on the gym and in the office.
As for the price tag, let’s agree that it’s high: it’s $ 899 for the toy, a very high investment. But this is a niche gadget, created keeping in mind who takes sports seriously enough to monitor activities without losing sight of the connectivity with the smartphone.
But this is neither exclusivity nor innovative: competing models that have been around for some time, such as Motorola’s MotoActv, also show smartphone notifications, even SMS only; Consider the display of notifications from other applications something innovative to the point of justifying the price (even more so when it only works with devices of the same line) would be an exaggeration, in my view.
Other points may even do so, however: screen quality, battery life, technology required for it to be so light. An addition that would be very welcome (and, in my opinion, would help justify the value) would be voice recognition, also making it possible to respond to notifications through it.
I conclude that the Gear Fit is a gadget for the sportsman that, besides the functionality, it looks for a luxury piece, that can accompany him not only at the time of the exercise, but throughout the day, either to stop sticking to the smartphone, Or simply to see the time.

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