R-Type, Another Game Classic Arriving in Android

Don’t stop falling reissues and re-releases of old jewelry, and is that if we discovered yesterday to SEGA bringing the renowned Sonic CD to the Android Market, it is now of DotEmu who ventures to get a remake of classic games. The game that concerns us this time is a classic of the shooters, created by Irem that made their exit in 1987 for the arcade machines. It is of R-Type.

For now, few data have come out regarding its new version for devices with Android, than it will be a direct port with touch screen controls and support of Open Feint, that will allow us to share scores in world rankings and an achievement system to reward to overcome some challenges that had been scheduled. The game contains an extensive system of improvements, enemies, bosses and the known shooting of load.

The date of departure is also very close, comes out the Monday, September 12 at the Android Market, so there will be no to wait too long to enjoy one of the best shooters ever created.

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