Pumpkins Vs. Monsters, Kill Your Enemies Coup of Pumpkin

Many times when we talk about certain games that more than once we have raised the question: and if we mix this game with this one? Mechanical at times highly disparate among themselves but that when combined produce a very interesting synergy. Now, I wonder:?And if mix Plants vs Zombies with chips type games put you?

It happens that we get Pumpkins vs Monsters, a hybrid that combines the mechanics of the popular game from PopCap Games with a system where we have that align the Pumpkins, our weapons in the game, in groups of three to then deliver them to the enemies that are trying to invade our territory.

The game mechanics It is very simple: the enemies are advancing to our position and while we have to go by grouping the Pumpkins by colors in groups of more than three to launch them, and shoot down the zombies or any other monster that gets in our way.

The operation is very simple, with finger we will displacing pumpkins to order them to our liking and then throw them. In addition to this fruit have with other objects such as dynamite, mine or shields I can use on a limited basis even then we can buy more with the money we get from each phase.

If we achieve this simple mechanic we engage have hours of fun for a while since Pumpkins vs Monsters account with a large number of screens that harder and harder enemies. In addition we also have at our disposal an infinite mode to play until eventually the hordes of enemies end up with us.

If you has drawn attention from what have read give him a chance because he deserves it. In addition the game is free so you have no excuse to not try it.

Pumkins vs Monstersversion 1.7

  • Version of Android: Since 1.6
  • Developer: Runners Games
  • Download it in: Android Market
  • Price: Free
  • Category: Games

Use pumpkins to destroy your enemies. With a simple mechanism we need to align the pumpkins to throw them at enemies. Very simple but also very addictive.

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