Pokemon Online, Fights with Coaches from around The World from Your Android

Many of the fans of Pokemon they know that on the Internet, there is a large user community from which have sprung up projects of all kinds, for example customers to fight online while maintaining all of the original rules, being one of the reference sites Pokemon Online Battle Simulator for all coaches in the world.

For some time we could fight with other coaches from your computer but now thanks to a users of Pokemon Online We can enjoy the fighting in our Android and play online with coaches from around the world.

The operations of the client is very simple. Before you start playing, we have that create a team using the computer program and export it to our Android to use it in our combat. At the moment we have to do so in the absence that included the creator application.

Once you have created the team and we have imported it Select the server you want to join us and then the chat where you can talk with other users and find fighting opens. As in the original client computer you can select the criteria from the fighting. Namely: what generation, what kind of Pokemon, etc..

The combat interface is very similar to the customer’s computer and well-kept is intuitive and easy to use. That Yes, everything is in English so it is better we learn the language of Shakespeare to learn of what is happening in combat.

For the time being Pokemon Online for Android It is not available in the Android Market but you can download the client from the official page. The application is in development but should work without problems on any device with Android 2.1 or higher.

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