Philips LED Bulbs 6W

Consumption: 6W

Energy rating: A+

Equivalence: 40W

Lumens: 470 lm

Colour: 2700K

Adjustable: No

Duration: 10000 hours (20000 ignitions)

Price: €8.95 2 pack

Origin: Carrefour (China)

This pack of led bulbs Philips I have seen in the catalogue of the Carrefour in the month of December.

Appears to be a “low cost” version of Philips led bulbs, because the duration of 10000 hours/20000 ignitions is less than the duration of the Philips 9.5W led bulb 806 lumens already commented on this blog stating 15000 hours/50000 ignitions and much less than the Osram indicating 20000 hours / 100000 ignitions. Even the bulb 6.3W and 400 lumens IKEA Ledare indicates 25000 hours/25000 lit and has a similar price. That Yes, all these data are “theoretical”

I have the theory that are adjusting downward the duration of led bulbs so that they last for ever less or they are approaching to indicate what really last. Do not they said out there that “the leds do not merge”? increasingly seems that we approach more to the duration of ordinary light bulbs.

I have not bought these bulbs, because for the light they give (are equivalent to an incandescent 40W) I do not serve, so no I could do luminosity test and place in the ranking. Although still lights brand Philips I understand that with regard to the amount of light that should be quite reliable and surely if it shines as an incandescent bulb of 40W.

Regarding the light efficiency, in this light bulb have 470 lumens with consumption 6W, which would give us some 78 lumens/Watt (less than 84 lumens/Watt which gives Philips 9.5W bulb) but it is in the middle of what we can find in stores.

The peculiarity of these bulbs is that shade is not Matt like the majority of lights I’ve seen but it is gray – semi transparent, you can see that the leds are positioned in the Centre of the bulb in the same place where he would be the filament of an incandescent. Surely should have placed them there to give birth in a wider angle, although to not be attached to the heatsink base might make it more difficult to evacuate the heat produced and may be the reason that the indicated duration is only 10000 hours.

If we introduce the data of the bulb into the calculator, gives us a depreciation of almost 10 months time (0.8 years) and a duration under these parameters of use of almost 3 years.

If the bulb lasts that indicates, at the end of his life there will be so-called savings of more than €10, which come to be about € 0.31 per month.

In my opinion, with the short duration and low monthly savings that represents not worth replacing a halogen/incandescent light bulb we have 40W by one of these led bulbs.

The Achilles heel of led bulbs is on the one hand the maximum number of ignition cycles and other heat producing that just spoiling the internal driver of the bulb.

Actually Yes represent savings in energy if the use that is going to give few ignitions per day and many hours continuously lit/day, but this type of use has the disadvantage that being long on the led bulb is very possible that if not well it dissipates heat, too hot and lasts less than expected, which in the end is not achieved expected savings.

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