Muffin Knight, My Kingdom for a Cupcake

Mobile devices have led to the quick but fun games casual games grow like mushrooms. On Android, we have a good sample of them and every time we get new products with new or already known mechanical nuts simply turns proposals such as the case of Muffin Knight.

Muffin Knight is a game of platforms and action where is our goal to pick up cupcakes that will go out on the stage. A proposal at a simple glance but where enemies will do everything possible to prevent our goal. Let’s see what offers us the last work of the guys from the Angry Mob Games, creators of Guerrilla Bob.

The scenarios for each of the six levels are available they are closed and with a similar design to other games as Snow Bros have to go destroying enemies or dodging them while we pick up cupcakes that will appear scattered all over the screen.

Whenever we take one of these delicious buns our character to mutate and get new skills. Namely: an Archer, a magician, a Unicorn that defecates explosive excrements… The variety of transformations is big enough and that change whenever we pick up a cupcake makes that we are aware of our abilities to choose the best strategy.

When we eliminate an enemy or take a cupcake we obtain points of experiences that we will go up in level. Whenever this happens we get a point that we can invest in improving transformations or by unlocking new skills as the double jump.

One of the main virtues of Muffin Knight It is the possibility offered to play in multiplayer online with other players. The best of this option is that we can play so much with our friends with Android that have iOS. A success by Angry Mob Games.

Despite its simplicity Muffin Knight is a game very entertaining and addictive that, along with graphics 2.5 d which take good advantage of the Unity engine, create a fun gaming experience for sporadic games. The only downside is that at the moment do not have free trial and It will touch us to proceed to checkout, 2.08 euros.

Muffin Knight Version 1.0.1

  • Version of Android: Since 2.1
  • Developer: Angry Mob Games
  • Download it in: Android Market
  • Price: 2.08 euros
  • Category: Games

A fun platform action game where we have to take the maximum possible number of cupcakes while we ended up with the enemies or dodged them.

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