Microsoft Is “Escaped” Information From Its Next Quantifier Bracelet

And in one more episode of “company leaks,” Microsoft has just released “accidentally” important information about its upcoming wearable, which is a kind of smart watch with quantitative bracelet functions which would come to confirm The rumors of a few weeks ago.

The device is named Microsoft Band and makes us doubt that it is an accident, since the information comes from the official applications that appeared a few moments ago inthe Mac App Store and the Google Play Store which means that the Bracelet will be multiform.

Microsoft Wants To Quantify Everyone

As we can see in the description of the applications, this is a bracelet that will be able to monitor our physical activity, thanks to sensors that will tell us our heart rate, steps, calories and even the quality of sleep, synchronizing all this information with Android and iOS devices through storing the data in the cloud.

The bracelet will also have smart clock functions but is mainly focused on health where the design resembles Samsung Gear Fit with a small horizontal screen where we will have access to information of incoming calls in our smartphone as well as new emails or messages.

Similarly, the application “Microsoft Health” has appeared for a few minutes in the Microsoft store confirming its integration with Cortana, the personal assistant of Windows mobile devices.

With this, it is as Microsoft continues in that new line where it opens to all without restrictions. And thanks to these leaks is how the announcement of the Microsoft Band should not be far away.

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